Ophthalmologist Fort Myers

Despite the importance of our vision there are still many people who simply don’t do enough to ensure that they are taking care of their eyesight. Last year I would have included myself in this category of people but after struggling with some issues last year, I had to get my eyes checked out. When it comes to finding an ophthalmologist Fort Myers is awash with businesses and so I checked myself in and was surprised to learn that I needed a very minor surgery and some glasses afterwards.

With this in mind I wanted to give you guys some tips on when is the right time for you to go and get your eyes tested.

Faltering Vision

I will begin with the most obvious issue which may occur and that is a change in your ability to see. Now of course this is very much a gradual process and not something which you are going to be able to recognize overnight. With this being said I think we are all aware of when we can no longer see things in the same way that we once could. Usually words are the best indicator of this, either no longer being able to read small print or seeing words blurry up close, and having to move them away in order to read them.


There are many reasons as to why you may be having headaches, in some cases it is because of stress or worries, in others it may be that you have an issue with your vision. If you are getting headaches on a regular basis then this is likely because of the fact that you have difficulty with your eyesight. When our eyes aren’t what they once were, our brain and our eyes have to work harder in order to make up for the loss. This causes stress on the muscles around the eyes and that is what results in headaches happening more often. If you find you are struggling then it is certainly worth getting your vision checked out.


If you have found that you squint when you try to read writing then this again is a sign that you ought to get those eyes checked out. We squint in this way in order to let less light into the eye so that we can properly read. Many of us do this without realizing it but if someone mentions it to you or you begin to realize what you are doing, then it is certainly time to go for an eye exam.

What many people fail to realize is that if you do not take action one you first spot the signs of poor vision, you can actually make things worse. Most people begin with a single problem regarding vision and it quickly turns into consequential problems. If you spot any of these signs then be sure to get to your local eye doctor for a quick check up, so that you can find a solution.