Once again it has been announced that there will be a nationwide lockdown in the wake of this global pandemic and whilst this seems like it will never end, that frustration will have to remain for some time yet. There is certainly hope and the vaccine which has been approved is being given out as we speak. Despite this however, the government recognize that we have to lockdown and this is being supported by leading doctors like Matthew Boente MD, who are telling us all that we should listen to the rules. 

This is something which we have to do for a little while longer and here is why. 

Doctors are Drained

Much of the reason why we are in lockdown is not to stop you from getting the virus per se, it is about stopping the spread of the virus  to vulnerable people. If you are young and healthy then it is likely that you’ll be fine when you get the virus, if however you get it and pass it on, then you could give it to 3 people who end up being hospitalized. Doctors and nurses are tired, they have been battling this thing for 10 months now and we owe it to them to take care so that the hospitals do not get overwhelmed. 

It Works

We have seen that the countries throughout Asia who have managed to nip this thing in the bud have done so because of the fact that they took swift action around lockdowns. With regards to slowing the spread and making sure that our hospitals are able to cope with what is going on, it is essential that  we pay attention to the advice and stay home. This has shown time and time again to work, and that is why this is happening now. 

Poor Behaviors 

If we could trust each and every member of society to social distance when they go out, to regularly wash their hands, to continue to use a mask and to follow all of the guidelines to perfection, then it may be that we wouldn’t have to do this. Having said this, we have seen time and time again the numbers of people in the street, at family parties or even in markets who simply throw up two fingers to those warning and those regulations. This again is why the draconian measures of lockdowns have to be taken. 

Final Push 

Ultimately this is about a final push before the vaccine hits, this is about us looking after each other, looking after the hospitals and making sure that we are all safe until we can get a vaccine. For people to die when there is a vaccine in existence would be madness, we have to make sure that the vulnerable get protected as soon as possible, and that we keep them safe until that happens. 

Follow the advice a little longer, it will all be over and done soon.