What Equipment Financing Companies Offer That Banks Won’t

When it comes to getting funding for a new business or a cash injection for an existing business, equipment financing companies seem to be one of the most commonly used options of late. These companies loan money which is specifically for the purchase of equipment in the business. There are few limits on which kind of business is able to loan money from these companies and just about every sector can enjoy the benefits of this form of funding.

Ultimately the reason why so many are looking to the likes of an equipment financing company is because of the fact that they provide a much better opportunity than more traditional methods of funding.

Easier To Get Funding

Owing to the fact that the money which is borrowed can only be spent on pieces of equipment, the process by which companies can get funding. The first point here is that actually securing funding is so much easier for many companies, because of the fact that the money is being spent on a tangible asset. Once that company has been approved for finance they face a much more simple process to actually get it than if they were to go through the bank.

Open Lines of Credit

 The issue which so many companies which take on bank loans have is that once they secure the loan, they are usually then restricted from seeking any other lines of credit or further funding. In the case of equipment financing however this simply isn’t the case and that is because of the fact that the initial lending is specially for one type of purchase. Those companies which depend on lines of credit to work with partners are allowed to do so if they only have equipment financing in place. This is certainly one of the biggest benefits of this kind of funding.

No Involvement

Sometimes businesses just want to spend their money how they wish, yet in the case of some bank loans and private lenders their decisions to do so are scrutinized and they have to explain their actions. This doesn’t happen when it comes to equipment financing and businesses are very much allowed to get on with it how they see fit. They will of course have to make a case for themselves during the application process, but beyond that they are free to invest the money in any kind of equipment which they deem necessary for their company.

Better Repayment Structures

One of the clear reasons why equipment financing companies have become more popular in recent years is that their terms of repayment are much smarter than so many which banks and private lenders offer. This makes such financing a far better looking opportunity for young businesses in particular and it puts far less pressure on them altogether with regards to the repayment of the loan.

As you can see, for so many businesses this is just the smartest way for them to go about securing financing for their business.