Matias Campiani is an entrepreneur interested in all things futuristic that may affect our planet and wellbeing.

When we watched the Science Fiction movies of old and marvelled at the flying cars and bionic arms, did we really ever think this could come reality. Now we have many things in our homes, Alexa putting our heating on and turning off the lights. A little hoover whizzing itself around cleaning our floors on command. Science Fiction is steadily becoming our reality.

There are some negative concerns of AI taking our jobs and so on but let us look at the positives. AI can and is already having a very positive impact on health care; Medbots are carrying out operations with the utmost precision. Asides from this the robot brain can also do analysis on data regarding individuals who got sick and come to some conclusions on what affected this in their lifestyle, this is a much deeper analysis than the basic assumptions we can already make. Al in healthcare uses complex algorithm’s which can look at a person’s whole life, demographics lifestyle factors and much more.

Cybersecurity is going to become more and more prominent. Security forces are already struggling to keep abreast of what is happening out there and this problem is just going to get bigger and bigger. The only way to deal with the enormity of it is to use computers to protect us. Fraud and terrorism are already being dealt with in this way.

The world population is set to increase, due to lifestyle and improvements in health. We will struggle to keep up our farming production without over affecting our environment. Machines will need to help us and some are already on the market. Huge machines that will plant crops and can streamline and make efficient our farming processes. They can work in any weather and they also reduce the amount of chemical waste that is produced in the processes of tilling, planting and fertilizing the soil.

Do you know we actually have current machinery in production which can recognize a cow from its facial features in less than six seconds? This can help to monitor massive herds. This is currently being developed to then pick up any changes in the cow’s movement or behaviour so that it can detect any health problems and alert the farmer to the issue. In widespread problems then this is great to be aware early in case any action needs to be taken to protect the rest of the herd.

Drones can also help on the farm by capturing what things look like down there on the farmland. This information could be used to foresee any problems with crops or what crops need to be planted. Again, it also gives the farmer the chance to put right any problems that may be going to affect the crop at a very early stage of the game, thus hopefully reducing the amount of waste.

The decisions we make as humans are sometimes flawed by emotion and AI can help our lives and the future of our planet in many ways, so why not embrace it.