Kurt Sanborn has been working in the real estate sector for many years, occupying various positions and generally finding success wherever he has gone. I wanted to pick Kurt’s brains about how one would go about getting into the real estate industry, and what kind of skills someone would need in order fo them to gain a position and be successful in real estate. If this is something that you would like to get involved with, then here is what you will need in order to do so.


In terms of the education that you will need to become a realtor, there isn’t a particular requirement in terms of your high school or college education. What you will need to do however is pass the various tests to get your relator license. The exams which you will need to take vary from state to state, for example in California there are three exams to pass before you can operate as a real estate agent.

Choosing a Broker

Whilst you could go out on your own in real estate, it makes far more sense to get started with a brokerage firm or agency. The reason behind this is that they will help to put you through your exams, and they will also be able to offer you on the job training, to help you find your way in the world of real estate. When choosing a brokerage firm, try to find one which is reputable bit not too big, the bigger the firm, the less attention they are likely to spend on you and your training.

Building Portfolio

Once you are licensed and you have gotten started in the position, the key is going be a bout making sales and most importantly, building up your relationships with clients. Many realtors think only about the sale but the real key to success in this industry is counting on clients who will be loyal and use you again in the future to find them the perfect property. In order to do this you must be likable and have the client’s best interests at heart. Once you have worked in the industry for a number of years, you should have build up a solid list of clients and closed on a number of sales which you can use to beef out your portfolio.

Skills You Will Need

The skills which you will need to be a realtor are things like communication skills, relationship building skills, as well as the core skills which are needed in sales. On top of this you will also need to have a great understanding of the market, what impacts it and the current climate of the market that you are working in. Much of your time will be taken up reviewing data about the local housing market, it will then be up to you to find ways of exploiting the market so that both you and your clients can win.