How Much Does a Wind Mitigation Report Save on Insurance?

Did you know that hurricane season starts in June and ends in November? While it’s rare to have storms this far into winter, tropical storms and hurricanes have been known to have seasons that overlap.

The impact of hurricanes can be catastrophic for property owners. That’s why you must invest in getting property insurance. The question is, what makes you eligible for insurance, and what makes it hard to receive?

How much does a wind mitigation report save on insurance? Learn how much you can save on home insurance with wind mitigation inspection.

How Much Does a Wind Mitigation Report Save on Insurance?

A wind mitigation study thoroughly examines how a home protects itself from the wind. It looks at how the roof and walls meet, what kind of roof is on there, where the walls open up, and if any wind-resistant products have been put. The study is used to determine how well the house can withstand high winds in general.

The report can save homeowners a lot of money on their insurance fees. Many insurance companies offer discounts on windstorm and hurricane coverage for homes that have met certain standards outlined in a wind mitigation report.

Insurance companies may also not charge fees for homes with certain features that make them less likely to be damaged by wind. Depending on the home and the insurance company, these rates can save homeowners up to 20% or more. However, the actual savings will depend on the quality of the features and the policies of your Ontario home insurance company. 

What Are the Common Wind Mitigation Features That May Lead to Insurance Savings?

There are common wind mitigation features that may lead to insurance savings. Here are some you should know:

Hurricane Straps or Clips

These metal connectors help secure your roof to the walls of your home, making it more resistant to high winds. The presence and quality of these connectors can lead to significant discounts on insurance premiums.

Roof Shape and Design

Certain roof shapes, such as hip roofs, are more aerodynamic and less prone to wind damage. The report may consider the roof’s geometry and provide potential discounts based on its design.

Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

Upgrading your windows and doors to impact-resistant ones can reduce the risk of wind-driven debris breaking through and causing damage. This feature can lead to substantial savings.

Roof Covering Material

Some roofing materials are more resistant to wind damage than others. If your roof is made of materials less likely to be lifted or torn by strong winds, you may be eligible for lower wind insurance premiums.

Secondary Water Resistance Barrier

This is an additional layer of protection designed to prevent water intrusion if the outer layer of the roofing is compromised during a storm. Having this feature can lead to insurance discounts.

The Wind Mitigation Insurance Revolution

So, how much does a wind mitigation report save on insurance? A Homeowner can save hundreds of dollars annually on their home insurance premiums. With the lengthy and detailed report, insurers can assess and reduce the risk of wind-related damage.

Don’t wait – contact a professional home inspector today to get started on your Wind Mitigation Report!

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