CBD for pain

If you have tendonitis, you may wonder if taking CBD for tendonitis pain is a good idea. There are plenty of regular medications out there that can help reduce the inflammation and discomfort caused by the condition, but can CBD be just as effective?

A Brief Overview of Tendonitis

Before we talk about taking CBD oil for tendonitis, we should briefly discuss what tendonitis is. Tendonitis is an injury of a tendon in the body that is typically caused by the tendon being overused or strained. This can occur from playing a sport, or even participating in an activity like gardening or cleaning. 

You may have heard of tendonitis by one of its other names. Tennis elbow, golfers’ elbow, jumpers’ knee, and pitchers’ arm are all other names for the same injury. 

Your tendons attach to the muscles and bones in your body and are responsible for helping to make your muscles contract and allowing your bones to move. They allow you to walk, move your arms, bend your legs, grip an item with your hand, and much more. When those tendons are worked too hard, either over time or in an accident, tendonitis can develop. 

Tendonitis pain can range from mild to severe as the damage can vary greatly in each case as well. While most people can find relief from their pain after the tendons have some time to heal, in some rare cases surgery may be required to repair badly damaged tendons. 

For those who have mild to moderate tendonitis and do not require surgery, treatment usually includes resting the affected area, possibly using a splint or brace, and taking some form of pain medication. You may also apply ice and elevate the injury as well. Although medications like ibuprofen and aspirin can help, some people would prefer to explore more natural options for pain relief. If this is the case for you, CBD may be an option to consider. 

Ultimately, if you are suffering from tendonitis, it’s very important that you see your doctor in order to get your injuries assessed. Then you can come up with a plan for healing and managing your pain, and you can discuss the use of CBD either in place of or in addition to medications. 

Taking CBD Oil for Tennis Elbow

Did you know that you can take CBD for tendonitis pain? 

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in cannabis plants. It is completely non-psychoactive and isn’t known to have any negative side effects. The World Health Organization even considers it a safe substance. 

Research has shown that CBD has a lot of incredible benefits. These benefits include potentially providing better sleep, reducing anxiety, and even reducing pain. 

Using a CBD cream for tendonitis may be a good option to try because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects. Research studies have shown that using CBD can help to reduce the inflammation in the body, which in turn reduces the amount of pain experienced. Inflammation contributes to pain, so finding a natural way to reduce that inflammation can help you to feel much better. 

While you could always use a drugstore tennis elbow cream or pain medication, using CBD is a great option because it is all-natural and isn’t known to cause any negative side effects. The CBD simply works with your body to naturally reduce inflammation and restore balance to many of your internal systems. 

Most people say that they feel much more relaxed and calmer after taking CBD. When you’re in pain it can be hard to get quality sleep, so taking CBD oil for tendonitis can not only help to reduce your pain but also promote better rest as well. 

If you want a more in-depth guide to how taking CBD for tendonitis can help you, check out this informative guide found here. 

What is the best CBD cream for tendonitis?

Now that you’re familiar with CBD oil, tendonitis, and how it can help reduce inflammation, you’re probably wondering what product is best. 

There is a multitude of different CBD products on the market. Unfortunately, they are not all created equally. Many don’t contain as much CBD as they claim, and some have harmful additives. It’s crucial that you only purchase high-quality CBD products from reputable companies that participate in third-party testing. 

If you want a recommendation for a good CBD oil for tennis elbow, you should try this Green Roads CBD Muscle & Joint Roll-on. Not only is it easy to use, but it also includes 750mg of potent and high-quality CBD.

The product provides instant warmth when rubbed onto the affected area – providing instant relief. Then, the CBD goes to work to help reduce your pain. If you’re suffering from tendonitis, this product is a must-have.