College students

You might be about to leave for university. Whether you are a first-time student or a returning student seeking advice, this article will give you six things you must take with you. These are some very practical items, plus some things that you might not have thought of that you will need extra funds to spend money on such as tutoring, essay writing service, books, fees, and so on. So take a look and see if you have these six must-takes with you to college. 

1. Laptop

A laptop is your number one most important item because of its versatility. You might have an on-campus computer laptop that you can retreat to and write and print your essays, but you can’t take one of those computers to class with you. 

Plus, taking your laptop with you everywhere you go is more convenient. You could write that essay in the computer lab or have the choice of taking your laptop outside, to the library, with you to the cafeteria, to a sporting event, to class, and even back to your dorm room to write in bed. So many practical options!

2. Phone

You may think this one is a strange choice to add to an article about the university, but this is why it is part of this list. A laptop may help you achieve in the classroom and excel in new ways, but you also need to stay grounded with your family and friends. Your phone will probably be your best way to keep in touch with mom and dad through phone calls to update them on how you are doing, to hear their voices, and to ask for help. 

You can text and use your favourite social media apps to stay in touch with friends too. They are having so many new adventures at university also, so you will want to keep in touch.

3. Clothes

Again, this may be one you are thinking, well everyone knows to take clothes. But have you thought about these clothes-related issues? When you go to university, it may be the warmest season of the year. One of the biggest mistakes university students make about their clothes is only taking summer clothes with them. 

Winter comes faster than you think! There are a lot of days where the weather transitions from hot to cold. 

Also, some think about buying lots of new clothes for university. But you will be amazed by how much of the time students spend just wearing their pajamas or athletic clothes because they are comfortable!

4. Bedding Items

You need to find out exactly what size your bed will be at university to know what to buy. You will have a lot of fun at university, but you need to feel comfortable to come back to your dormitory and get the rest that you need. Yes, take your favourite pillow and blanket with you as well. 

Many students like to find out what their roommates are bringing in case they want to coordinate colours. So, don’t be surprised if your future roommate asks you about that.

5. Study Aids

You will want to be prepared to take a lamp, a comfortable chair, and your favourite school supplies such as pens, pencils, notebooks, and so on, which will help you succeed. 

According to the program you are in, there may be unique supplies that other majors don’t require. Find those out before you leave for university. Most courses let you know these extra supplies when you register for a class. 

6. Additional Funds

As mentioned earlier, you will need extra funds to purchase what you have never thought about before, such as tutoring, essay writing service, books, and fees, but also consider bringing additional funds for food and recreation as well. You can’t work all the time, and you should be prepared!

Leave for university feeling confident and well-prepared!