Luxury apartments are constantly improving, with more and more luxury being added. We see luxurious interiors, in-house Jacuzzis, concierge services and home automation, just to mention some options available. Kitchens are now filled with gadgets and gardens practically become natural ecosystems. The entertainment zones are state-of-the art and all developers are interested in putting things together in a way that meets client expectations.

Gary Friedman, RH CEO, highlights that the difference between making a huge profit and just marginally coming ahead is normally in what is added as extras. Let’s think about some factors that are now adding a lot of value to apartments that are already considered to be luxurious.

Home Automation And Extra Technology

The luxury homeowner wants all that can be obtained when referring to technology. Builders thus do all they can to incorporate high technology in order to meet the demand of the market. Adding everything that can be added and that can be controlled with a smartphone drastically increases appeal. The possibility of controlling the apartment’s doors, alarm system, lighting and climate adds instant extra luxury. Also, remember that technology enhances security so this has to be considered by the developer.

Highly Luxurious Interiors

Modern interior design and décor enhance spacious layouts. Rooms become displays when using decorating materials that are luxurious, really elegant home furnishings and contemporary artworks. You can consider creative furnishings and artworks as long as what is chosen is rich, exclusive and unique. Lobbies should be furnished in an attractive way, with items that are expensive so that the space is beautiful and bright.

Never forget about entertainment since it is vital for true luxury living. Any luxurious apartment that does not have high quality entertainment options will have problems selling. Features like indoor pools, lavish bars and indoor basketball courts are in high demand. Theatre and gaming rooms are a big daily entertainment source with smart TV sets being installed in all apartment rooms.

Design Efficiency

Home luxury can be defined through the efficiency of the layout and design. Top residential landscape trends include having low-maintenance and sustainable designs, outdoor living starting with some ceiling to floor doors, all opening into a backyard. Cooling and heating costs can be reduced through masonry block construction walls and roofing is always done with top insulation considered. Meticulous touches put into luxury apartment designs include natural stones and hardwood floors. The natural stones are often combined with wood elements in order to have an organic and natural appeal to many rooms like spacious living rooms, kitchens and spa bathrooms.

Meticulous Landscapes

Luxury apartments have their outside and inside depicting elegance and beauty. Design elements are expressing a really wide scope of variety and knowledge. Meticulous landscaping in a huge compound is normally designed in order to evoke specific feelings of simplicity, calmness and comfort as you walk along pavements that are elegantly manicured.

Gated Communities

Last but not least, it is always a huge plus to live in gated communities. This gives access to connectivity, community and privacy. The gated communities also offer an exclusive access to various facilities like game courts, gymnasiums, club houses and swimming pools.