Cashback rewards. 0% interest rates. Travel perks. Points accrual. Double points on gas and grocery. All these features have (until now) served as the building blocks of any credit card rewards program. And while the features and benefits that make up these rewards programs have come a long way since the birth of the first credit card rewards program – the Diner’s Club back in 1950 – the proliferation of credit cards in the market have created an inadvertent side effect. At the very heart of the credit card business model is the acquisition and retention of customers, and loyalty programs have been leveraged for decades as a way to get new customers, and create more loyalty among existing customers.

But with such an explosion of credit cards and their rewards programs, the ecosystem around rewards and loyalty has become increasingly difficult for consumers to navigate – often times resulting in benefits such as points and rewards going unused by the customer, diminishing the program’s overall value and driving customer churn.

One fintech company realized the loyalty market was in dire need of a facelift, and that the majority of programs out there were limited in their design, and quickly losing traction among the very customers they were designed to retain. Brim Financial recognized the need for the market to evolve the traditional rewards offers, as well as rethink the way they are delivered to the customer. From that vision, Brim Financial’s Open Rewards program was born, challenging any preconceived notions around how rewards program should be delivered to customers.

By merging innovative features into one program, and freeing the consumer of the typical redemption restrictions that have become the norm in the industry, the traditional model for credit card rewards has been shifted across the entire industry.

“We are deeply passionate about bringing positive change to the industry, and we have an ambitious plan to make this a reality,” said Brim Financial’s Founder and CEO, Rasha Katabi. “Consumers drive the value in our economy. Understanding that notion, everything we do and build at Brim is with the consumer right in the middle – and it’s with this mindset that we’ve built what we think is the ultimate experience. We built something that we truly wanted to use ourselves.”

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