When searching for a new credit card, the options can become quickly overwhelming. Do you choose a cashback rewards program? Unfortunately, many traditional cashback rewards programs place strict caps and restrictions. What about travel rewards? Credit card companies often lure cardholders with promises of excellent point accumulation and exclusive member deals, only to fall short. Booking a flight using travel points can turn into a game of musical chairs with blackout dates. What if a company could provide the benefits of both reward systems without all the restrictions? Enter Brim Financial

Brim Financial, founded in 2015, is a Canadian fintech startup that is revolutionizing the credit industry. Brim merges all the benefits of travel rewards and cashback into one card along with a hyper-personalized online platform. Instead of offering just cash back or travel points, Brim cardholders earn unlimited and uncapped customized rewards on daily purchases. Brim users also are privy to exclusive benefits like free global Wi-Fi and access to the Brim Marketplace, allowing access to partnered deals with big names like UberEats, HelloFresh, and Amazon. 

Users can choose from three credit card options: Brim MasterCard, Brim World MasterCard, and Brim World Elite MasterCard. Each card has its unique benefits and increased rewards potential. 

Rasha Katabi, Founder and CEO of Brim Financial, describes the motivation to tackle the credit industry, “Consumers drive the value in our economy. Understanding that notion, everything we do, and build at Brim is with the consumer right in the middle – and it’s with this mindset that we’ve built what we think is the ultimate experience. We built something that we truly wanted to use ourselves.”

If you would like to apply for a Brim Card or find out more information, visit Join the credit card revolution!