3 Reasons Crypto Custody Providers Need Insurance

Crypto custody providers have major worries when managing funds. The costs of security breaches and lost digital assets are enormous. If a custody provider doesn’t secure their digital assets, they suffer the costs of replacement.

Consequently, what kind of insurance should crypto custody providers expect? How does insurance protect digital assets?

Read on to learn about the importance of insurance for crypto custody providers. Are you a custody provider looking for insurance? Check out our crypto custody provider guide for valuable resources.

Let’s get into it! 

1. Increased Security

Insurance coverage can minimize financial losses from security breaches and other potential losses. It protects both the provider and its customers. If a crypto custody provider gets hacked, they can file a claim with their insurer. This is to recoup some of the losses incurred. Insurance can protect the provider against any potential lawsuits from individual customers, should their assets be stolen or lost.

They need to protect their client’s funds in the event of theft, loss, or fraud. Insurance can help them cover their legal risks. It also compensates its clients in case of a breach or cyber-attack. Insurance can also help the custody provider absorb the costs associated with the complexities of the cryptocurrency industry.

2. Regulatory Compliance

If a customer is the victim of a security breach, the custodian could be held responsible for any losses resulting from the breach, such as:

  • loss of funds
  • reputational damage
  • legal costs

Insurance cryptocurrency would protect against such possible financial losses. Lastly, insurance also helps to demonstrate credibility in the eyes of customers. This is because it shows that the custodian is taking steps to safeguard their customers’ funds.

Cyber insurance policies might also include protection against losses due to the following:

  • social engineering attacks
  • regulatory non-compliance
  • errors and omissions
  • recovery expenses of lost or stolen data

The policies can also provide coverage for damages due to reputation and brand erosion should there be a breach or compromise of customer data. This can further reduce a custodian’s risk.

3. Convenience

Cryptocurrency custody providers are at risk of cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and human errors. As such, they require insurance to protect them financially from potential losses. Cyberattacks can cause catastrophic damage to crypto-assets. This severely diminishes the value of the holdings or outright eradicates them.

Natural disasters can devastate cryptocurrency custody providers’ physical locations. In some cases, these disasters damage or altogether destroy the hardware that houses the custodian’s customer’s assets.

It is, therefore, important for every crypto transaction and custody provider to not only obtain proper insurance coverage but also constantly review their policies to ensure it is up-to-date and adequate.

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In conclusion, crypto custody providers have the potential to provide investors with peace of mind, and as such, they need to secure insurance to protect user funds.

Insurance provides a secure environment that safeguards user investments and strengthens trust in crypto custodians. If you’re a crypto custodian, get started with insurance today to ensure your customers’ best interests are protected, and their funds are secure.

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