3 Must-Have Items for Ghost Mannequin Photography

There has been a shift in the way companies sell their clothes. In addition to the body positivity movement—featuring 2XS to 2XL and beyond—there is now the ghost mannequin effect. 

This allows potential customers to picture themselves in the clothing without a model’s features disrupting the likability of a piece. 

This practice is also helps smaller brands achieve the professional standard of fashion photography without the added costs of paying models. A mannequin can be used multiple times over, whenever a new product is released. 

Not to say that ghost mannequin photography is easy—there are still some costs and labor to account for on the editing side. If you want to learn how to effectively create this illusion for your clothing items, there are three must-haves that will boost your skills.

1. Mannequins

This may seem obvious, but emphasis on the plural aspect. Getting a variety of mannequins will help your brand seem more dynamic. You can include the body positivity movement into your ghost mannequin service.

Invest in a variety of mannequin sizes.

Get mannequins have have removable limbs. If you’re photographing a tank top, it will be easier to edit out the appearance of a mannequin’s arms. But if you have something long sleeve, the added arms will help fill out your clothing. 

Additionally, things will be easier if your mannequins don’t have shiny material that would reflect and distort light in photos. Get something either matte or lined with fabric. 

2. Studio Equipment

You don’t have to be a talented photographer to achieve the ghost mannequin effect. The equipment nowadays will do the job for you, although it is an investment. 

A good camera is most important. These will capture the details of your pieces, while the “ghost” will highlight the unique aspects. 

Not without good lighting though. Getting a clean white backdrop with studio lights will enhance your pieces while, again, making your editing process easier. 

To off-shoot the harsh light on certain fabrics and colors, a light reflector or umbrella would be helpful too. 

Pro tip: photograph your shirts at chest-level and your pants at hip-level. This will prevent a distorted look once the mannequin is edited out.

3. Adobe Photoshop

It is impossible to achieve the look of a ghost mannequin without photo editing tools. While you can make this work with other photoshop equivalents, we’ve found that Adobe’s features better aid the process. 

If you are teaching yourself to make these edits, discover more here. This will teach you how to make clothing pop in its own. 

The Ghost Mannequin Look

Investing in these must-haves will make your website stand out amongst the others attempting a ghost mannequin aesthetic. While it can seem like a lot first thing, this is a sustainable model made for years of photographing all sorts of seasonal clothing. 

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