Few people ever think about the different types of ladders that are out there. Yet, if you were to every search ladder companies, you will find that there are actually lots of different types out there, varying depending on what you want to do with them. It is important, therefore, that you gain a little bit of knowledge of what ladders are, where they came from, and what they are used for.

Ladder Companies Discuss the History of the Ladder

The fact that a ladder is he will come as no surprise. In fact, they were used a search even in the most ancient times. However, they are not only used as tools for DIY jobs in construction. In fact, they were essential at harvesting time in agricultural sectors and for people to be able to escape for an invasion period over the centuries, letters have continued to be used and they are now one of the most basic industrial and household tools. Thanks to significant technological advancements, lots of different types of ladders now exist. In fact, traditional ladders, which are either wood or rope ladders, are now quite rare.

It was vital that workers were able to easily use ladders while being safe at the same time. It was this that drove lot of companies to come up with more innovative designs in their types of ladders. This allowed them to identify the fact that different letters are needed depending on whether they are used in an industrial or domestic environment. By ensuring appropriate ladders are made and used in the right places,  the usability of the ladder is increased while the risk of an accident is decreased.

Different Types of Ladders

There are many different types of ladders, including:

  1.  The A frame ladder, which is very simplistic type of ladder that is perfect for domestic use. It is great for hanging up decorations on the wall or reaching storage areas high up. It’s comes with wide steps so that you are stable when standing on it and it’s can fold up so that it can easily be stored. This is also an affordable ladder while ensuring you can reach most things within the home.
  2.  The telescoping ladder, which is really technologically advanced. It is divided into a range of varying lengths that can be adjusted so that you can reach the height you need to reach. Indeed, these ladders can go as much as 20 feet up, which means they are perfect for outdoor use as well. A good ladder will come with a secure lock that ensures the extended section does not retract while it is in use. It is incredibly flexible but also quite an expensive ladder.
  3.  The fire escape ladder, which is not a ladder that is regularly used. Rather, it is in place as a precautionary measure. Often, these ladders are a rope type of ladder that is folded away into a box that can be stored either near the window or on the windowsill itself. It is important to do your research in terms of which fire escape ladder to purchase as there are many different ones out there, some of which are single use.