Top Tips on Getting Started in the Textiles Industry

Do you have a passion for textiles and want to forge a career out of it, if so then this is the article which will give you some great tips on how to do exactly that. To help offer you the very best advice we have caught up with a guru of the industry in Misha Kaura, who has shared with us some great tips on how you can get started in this industry and make a real success of it. This is one of the world’s most active industries and if you want to get involved, here is how.

Gaining Understanding

The first step is of course to gain solid understanding of this industry and how it operates, this may sound simple but it is actually vitally important. You need to have a solid understanding of fabrics, textiles, as well as designs and delivering those designs.

Market Knowledge

At this early stage it is crucial that you spend a lot of time understanding the market which you are going to work in. A great idea which you could look at is to start working for a fabric or textiles company, which will give you a valuable insight into the operations and how the businesses work and thrive.

Speaking With The Sellers

A textile company won’t be much good without people to buy your textiles which is why you should look to speak to as many vendors of raw products, design artists and other stakeholders who you are going to come to rely on in the future once you have got your business off the ground. Relationships are so important in business and that is why you should start now in trying to find people who you will use in the future.

Understanding Cash Flow

You can’t expect to succeed when you have all of your money tied up in fabrics which haven’t sold yet and so it is important that you learn how to manage your cash flow. Buying just what is required rather than stockpiling for example will ensure that you have liquidity to play with. This is a key learning which you need to make and get your head around.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your business will be key and whilst you need to be close to your clients, you also need to find premises which will be low rent, which are usually out-of-town. Think of the utilities which you’ll need like electricity and water and then weigh up the pros and cons to secure your perfect location.

Getting the Fabrics

Picking which fabrics you are going to use is not easy and it is best to choose commonly purchased fabrics in the beginning. If you buy fabrics which you are unlikely to sell then you will be left with them and this may restrict your spending power when it comes to picking up some of the more popular styles.