Are you looking into ways by which you can fix the shape or form of your teeth? If so then you will no doubt have already seen dental braces as an option, whether or not you will take that option is something which I may be able to help you with. Last year the maverick dentist Dr. Kami Hoss, or super dentist I should say, helped me to get over my fear of having dental braces and just under a month ago he took the braces off and I am so happy with the results. Having already done this I thought that I’d break down the advantages and disadvantages of this dental treatment, let’s take a look.


Let’s get started with some of the negative things which you may find when you have dental braces placed on your teeth.

  • Unsightly

We cannot get past the fact that metal across your teeth is very much unsightly and it can take a long time to get used to it. Thankfully in my case my friends, family and colleagues didn’t make my life difficult and in truth it was only when I looked in the mirror that I felt self-conscious.

  • Painful

Many tell you that this treatment isn’t painful but that simply isn’t the case and you will definitely experience some discomfort and a little bit of pain. This isn’t something which you should worry about however as you can always get a drug to kill pain. The first few days are the toughest as you may find the wire irritating the inside of your mouth.

  • Tweaking

Something else which I didn’t enjoy was the fact that every couple of months I had to go to have the brace tweaked and changed as my teeth moved, not much we can do about this one.


Now let’s get onto the positives of this type of treatment.

  • All Ages

Believe it or not any person can have dental braces put in place so long as they have strong enough gums and teeth. I always thought that this was a treatment that only worked on teenagers but that isn’t the case.

  • Success

The biggest benefit of this treatment which I can talk about is that it works and it is for that reason why braces are one oft he oldest techniques which is still used today.

  • Cost Effective

In comparison to every other method which you could look to use for straightening your teeth, dental braces are by far and away the most cost effective choice, they work well and they are very low cost.

  • Speed

The truth is that for all of the disadvantages which you may be considering, the entire ordeal is over before you even know it. Time passes so quickly and by the time that you have the braces taken out, you will have hardly realized just how much time has gone by.

My recommendation would be to go ahead and get those braces.