My buddy Bharat Bhise HNA is what is known as an ethical hacker, a key role within a cybersecurity company and a position which helps many businesses around the world to make sure that their security is on point. Cybersecurity is big business at the moment as more and more businesses realize the value of the data which they have stored on their computer systems, and the dangers which would present themselves should this information ever get into the wrong hands.

Thanks to the work of people like Bharat, businesses can ensure that their cybersecurity is strong and that the risk of data theft of personal information or business secrets is vastly minimized. After big hacks in the last decade, many businesses turn to people like Bharat for their ethical hacking skills, and here is why it exists.

What is Ethical Hacking?

As you may be able to guess, ethical hacking is when a company hires someone to try and hack into their systems, to test how strong they are. The reason behind this is that they don’t want to find out that they have a hole in their system or a backdoor which they didn’t see, after they have been attacked. To get the front foot they hire brilliant minds who understand how hacking works, to try and breach their system and report back.

How To Find Hackers?

Bharat spent his childhood using and playing with computers and by the time I met him at age 12 he was already a whizz and understood everything about networks and how to breach them. Bharat studied hard and began testing out his own systems early on, that is how he learned to become an ethical hacker. Many other ethical hackers out there were once just normal hackers who got caught. Most hackers are not nefarious and they are instead just testing their own abilities. Once they are exposed however, they are often approached by businesses to work as ethical hackers for them. The soft course gives these men and women the chance to get paid for doing something which they love, which is only legal under these conditions.

High Level

When ethical hackers are hired it is absolutely essential that they are outstanding at what they do, this is why some of those who have been captured following massive hacks, are offered these positions. The point is that those who are hacking with good intentions must be equal to or better than those who are hacking for criminal reasons. If an ethical hackers tries to breach a system and fails, giving the approval that it is safe, and then a criminal is able to enter into the system because they are better at hacking, the ethical hack will have served no purpose whatsoever.

These men and women perform a vital role in the protection of businesses, the improvement of cybersecurity software and the prevention of personal, business or financial information being accessed.