cellphone signal

Using a phone in today’s world is absolutely a must. They’re a vital piece of technology that all of us rely on. However, mobile signals tend to be unreliable most of the time, which is why it often comes down to users to fix that problem for themselves. Thankfully, there are a few workarounds so that you can get a better reception.

Open the Window

This is a trick that often seems like it’s absolutely made up. Cellphone signals tend to be blocked by most building materials and heavy objects, so by being in a more open area, you can actually get a better reception. Windows don’t fully block signals, though, so by opening them you’ll almost immediately get a better signal. If that doesn’t work, try going out on a terrace or outside.

Have a Charger Handy

When the phone scans for the nearest signal, it uses a lot of power. That’s fine most of the time, but when your battery’s running low, then the phone tries to conserve energy as much as possible. That means scanning for a signal becomes a lower priority. By reducing power consumption on the phone, you’ll definitely get a better signal. Either shut down processes and things like Bluetooth and NFC, or just charge the phone for a little while.

Use a Signal Booster

Signal boosters are a reliable piece of technology that tend to be underutilized. They’re easy to use, and easy to understand, so once you know the basics of signal boosters, you should be good to go. Most of the time, they’re just plug-and-play, but sometimes you might need a more specific model. For example, if you’re on Spark, then you might want a Spark signal booster. In those cases, the booster will be fully compatible with the signal, so you’ll get maximum performance out of it.

Try the Airplane Mode Trick

Sometimes the phone has issues connecting to a specific phone tower. That’s probably because there’s some fault with the tower, or maybe it’s being overwhelmed by connecting with other phones. For this, you might want to turn on airplane mode, then wait at least 5 seconds, and then turn it off. That causes the phone to reset the signal and to immediately look for a better one. If there’s another phone tower in the vicinity, it’ll connect to that one, and you should have a better signal right away.

Get to High Ground

If all else fails, you should find the location of the phone tower. They’re usually further away on hills or higher grounds. Sometimes the signal has a lot of disruptions on ground level, so your reception can be less than ideal. Getting above those disruptions will definitely improve your signal. Somewhere like a hill or a tall building can work wonders because the signal will reach you first, then everything else.

If all else fails, it might be possible that your phone is faulty. In cases like that, no matter what you try, you won’t have positive results, so do make sure that everything’s alright with the phone beforehand.