As you are looking to decorate the walls of your home with art you may not have thought about how to best incorporate personalized pieces into your design. The best way to make a house feel like a home is to customize the art to your personal taste as a reflection of you and your family. 

When the art you can get from the big box stores just won’t cut it, you may be searching for some new ideas for what you should be hanging on the walls. But have you ever considered a canvas print? Printing on canvas offers a timeless design with many sizes available. Canvas prints are one of the most popular photo gift ideas as well! 

With unlimited options on what to print on your blank canvas, you may be in need of some ideas. Below you will find 5 ideas for the personalized canvas that will impress your friends and family. 

1. Family Portraits

Printing pictures of your family is the gold standard of canvas prints for good reason. The colors are brilliant and the quality is unmatched. Everyone appreciates having their family portraits actually printed and not just on a disc or a flash drive somewhere in a drawer. Having your portraits on canvas makes them pop and look wonderful. 

One benefit of printing on canvases is that they don’t require a frame.  You certainly can frame a canvas if you want a more formal or eclectic look, but most canvases come with a sawtooth hanger already in place. Many people appreciate the clean lines of just hanging the canvas directly on the wall. 

If you take annual pictures then you can buy the same size canvas year after year and consistently replace the canvas on your wall for the most up to date memories. Canvases make swapping put options easy since they are lightweight and don’t require complicated picture hangers. 

When you’re printing those pictures of your newborn don’t be afraid to make a statement. In fact, a common mistake is people buying art that is too small for their walls. Your canvas should be minimum ¾ as wide as the furniture it will hang above. You don’t want a tiny island of a picture and have the great sea of your wall swallow it up, printing in larger formats works well!

Canvases make great gifts especially when the pictures are celebrating a milestone like birth, graduation or wedding. When you spend the time and money getting those perfect family pictures you shouldn’t let your efforts be in vain so be sure to print the pictures. Printing on canvas is easy and they will look great on your walls. 

If you don’t want sentimental photos on your walls you can also print pictures of favorite locations or even landscapes you appreciate if that is more your style. You can print any photo you’d like on canvas. 

2. Kid Art

When the artwork kids make at school or daycare begins piling up many families feel guilty simply recycling these mini-masterpieces. For the really special art pieces, you may have already caught on to scanning in the best projects so that you can look back on them for years to come, but they don’t take up space that way. (Except as files in the cloud!) 

Consider printing art on canvases to turn these priceless works of art, into actual wall art worthy of displaying. Simply taking a high-resolution scan or picture of the original artwork makes it easy to upload and have printed onto a canvas. 

Especially when these handmade pieces are sentimental or fragile, capturing them in canvas form allows each precious drawing to come to life in a new way. Since canvases are so easy to display, you won’t need to worry about running out of room on your refrigerator anymore. 

Personalized canvas prints of artwork also make great gifts, especially for grandparents! Kids will love to see their creations come to life in a new way on display in a playroom, living room or even at their parent’s office. When you are looking for a classy alternative to construction paper, transforming children’s drawings and artwork into a canvas print is a great option. 

3. Cherished Family Recipes


Don’t dig around in a drawer or in a box for grandma’s favorite cookie recipe! Have it printed on canvas and hang it in your kitchen. Not only will you never have to go looking for that favorite recipe again but it will become an interesting art piece and conversation starter. Since baking is more science than experimentation, it’s important to have that recipe handy! 

While you may not want to put any secret family recipes on the wall where they could be noted and copied, if you have a recipe you use frequently or one that has become your signature bake, there is hardly a better option for art in the kitchen than a canvas print that can be both beautiful and practical. 

Because canvases can be printed in small formats you could offer a favorite recipe canvas as a gift to friends and family members so they too can have a keepsake artistic rendition of their favorite foods. Depending on the wall space in your kitchen you could even have a few recipe canvases hanging together. Or put one canvas on a shelf for another design option. 

4. Quotable Quotes

Whether from scripture or literature or even a favorite movie, putting your favorite quote on canvas can be a great way to incorporate your personality into a room. Printing a quote onto your personalized canvas gives you unlimited options, not only are you able to choose the phrase that speaks most strongly to you but you can have it designed to your own tastes. 

You might want to print your wedding vows out and hang them where you can be reminded of how you felt on your big day. Maybe you want to adorn your kitchen with 3 canvases with only one letter each, spelling out “EAT” in a way you’ve never seen done before. Giving a canvas print favorite quote is an unexpected gift that will be appreciated. 

Your favorite song lyrics can adorn your walls and given the wide variety of fonts and colors to choose from can look completely different from even that same lyric on someone else’s wall. There is no wrong way to design a canvas print as long as you like it! 

Canvases are a great way to change your decor frequently as they are cost-effective and easy to order. Any event can be commemorated with a canvas print to remind a recipient of a special date or time. Perhaps you will simply list every family member’s birth date on a print to remind you of the most important days in your lives on a canvas print. 

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5. A Family Tree

Kick it up a notch creating a family tree and print a visual of your family’s legacy on canvas. Imagine how your gallery wall would look with a piece of your family history as a focal point? Family trees keep the memories of loved ones alive after they’re gone and tracing back linage through genealogy has become increasingly popular in the world. 

Don’t let all your hard work researching your family’s roots go to waste when you can display it for all to see. You can certainly go traditional with your family tree on canvas. By simply printing a decorative family tree with names. There are many wonderful options predesigned and al you need to do is fill in the names of your loved ones. 

If you’re looking for a family tree option that is perhaps less traditional and has more sentiment consider creating a picture family tree. Using the wedding pictures or pictures of each family of your ancestors you could create a canvas that will represent all your cherished family members to hang on your wall. 

Whether you opt to go with names or pictures, a family tree printed on canvas is a wonderful way to immortalize your family in an interesting and beautiful way. Personalizing a canvas with a family tree is a unique idea when you want a canvas in your home. 


A canvas print can let your family shine, either with those beautiful fall pictures you had taken or with Great Aunt Sally’s chili recipe. Because canvas prints are so versatile they are the perfect option for decorating a home that is in need of fresh art to adorn the walls. You are only limited by your imagination so start designing your new personalized canvas print today!