Known for its vibrant night-life and amazing daytime hangouts, the Gold Coast is one of the beloved cities for schoolies to spend one entire week after getting free from their final high-school exams. The thing is that you spend schoolies only once in your life, so it’s really important that you plan it well and make all the right choices.

This article is all about suggesting you some of the best places to visit and some fun activities to indulge in while you’re on the Gold Coast for your schoolies week. For more information about how you can better plan and manage your schoolies week at the Gold Coast, you can visit Sure Thing Travel.

1- 7D Cinema

This might come as something totally new and exciting for the graduates who are planning their schoolies on the Gold Coast. 7D cinema has brought the latest technology in virtual reality. Yes, it’s a cinema but only with Ferrari like seats in which you are buckled up to experience the most advanced simulator platform. You can pick any one of the ten movies, wear 3D glasses, and experience the platform move in accordance to what’s happening on screen.

2- iFLy Indoor Skydiving

If you had the dream of flying carefree, then this is the moment for you to live that dream. iFly indoor skydiving attracts a load of schoolies because it’s unimaginable fun. Just leaning forward inside the glass tunnel right into a column of air will make you floating smoothly in the air. This is one of the best things to do on the Gold Coast that schoolies can enjoy this year.

3- Infinity Attraction

If you ever wish to walk amidst a dreamlike setting then Infinity Attraction is the place for you. You can defy your senses by experiencing a world that is filled with stunning and futuristic features. Infinity Attraction is an interactive house that has twenty multi-sensual environments that are loaded with amazing special effects, atmospheric acoustics, mind-blowing music and fascinating illusions. Schoolies will find this entertainment a fantastic group-based activity. You can choose to enter whatever world you like. There are different themes you can explore, like Inter-Dimensional Space, The Cyclotron, Electron Maze, and Laser Zone.

4- Buggy Tours

This is perhaps the best way to explore the Gold Coast’s South Stradbroke Island. It’s fun, adventurous, and fit for schoolies’ taste. This ninety-minute tour will take you through the exquisite sand dunes, obstacles built by nature, dense bushes, and finally to the magnificent beach.

5- South Stradbroke Beach

One of the best ways to unwind on the Gold Coast is to relax on some of the beautiful beaches the city has to offer. And South Stradbroke beach is definitely one of the best. Its sandy goodness and salty sea lure in many schoolies to party and indulge in various water sports.

The city of Gold Coast has to offer more than these destinations and activities. Some of them you’ll see are unique to the city. That’s why the Gold Coast makes for a great destination for you to spend your schoolies week this year.