If you are ever looking for a private investigator then you must be very careful and make sure that you are hiring the very best, and someone who is honest and professional. One option for anyone looking to hire a PI is to use a website called Trustify, a website were you can hire the very best private investigators. We spoke to one of their PIs Danny Boice about why he loves working for Trustify and what you can expect to find when you use their services. There are many charlatans out there that you should avoid, which is sad because people like Danny and his partner Jennifer Mellon do such a high class job, this is why you should use Trustify.

Clear Pricing

With some Pis the pricing structure can be a bit tricky to understand and in many cases we hear stores of people who have hired investigators only to be hit with a huge invoice once the work in complete, regardless of how successfully. With Trustify however you will have  a clear pricing plan which will not change, so you will be able to plan for exactly how much the service will cost.

Great Investigators

As mentioned before the company uses some highly skilled investigators such as Danny Boice, Jennifer Mellon and many, many more. What is special about the way that this company does things is that they will vet the investigators first, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that whoever you hire will be up to scratch and match your expectations.

Wide Ranging Skills

The investigators that the company use have a wide range of skills with many of them coming from previous careers in law enforcement. There is no one-size-fits-all in the world of private investigation so it is important that a company like this offers different types of investigators for different types of jobs. Here you can find a great PI no matter what the job is.

Ease of Use

Because you will be hiring the PI through the Trustify website, the management of the whole operation is made very easy indeed and you will be able to relax as the job is being carried out, with minimal input from you. Any issues will be dealt with first by the company and only if you are needed will they ask for any further information or advice.


If you hire a PI one on one, you have absolutely no support, or very little, should something go wrong. When you sue Trustify however you will have someone on hand at all times to deal with any issues, queries or complaints that you may have. It is unlikely that you will run into any problems but should this occur, you will have a support centre there for you 24 hours a day.

If you want the best PIs, go to Trustify.