My daughter and I love nothing more than heading out for a day of shopping, checking out the latest trends, getting ourselves some pretty clothes and enjoying time together. Our favorite place to go shopping together is Bonworth, the wonderful mother and daughter store which has everything that we need. Whilst we do shop in other places, Bonworth is the place where we generally buy most of our clothes. What COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar has put in place with these stores is absolutely wonderful and I wanted to share with you a little today about why we love this store so much. I first found the store years ago after hearing glowing reviews, now I am the one writing the glowing review!

Mother and Daughter

When they call Bonworth a mother and daughter store they really mean it and the stores are set up perfectly so that a mother and a daughter can share this shopping experience. These days so many stores tailor themselves to target one demographic, which means that once you reach a certain age you can no longer shop there, or indeed if you are below a certain age. With Bonworth however, it doesn’t matter what your age is, you can find something here for you.


Shopping alone is costly enough, let alone shopping with a daughter. Thankfully however the prices here in Bonworth are incredibly reasonable and they regularly have discounts and offers on. This means that my daughter and I are able to get everything that we need, without spending any where near what we could have spent in other, more expensive stores. The best bit about the price is that even though it is lower, you don’t lose anything in terms of the quality of the clothing.


For me, I look at Bonworth as a store that has been created with an ethos, it is family run and this is what it is trying to do with its stores too, invite family to come together and shop together. Not many companies have morals and ethics the way that this one does and in truth I applaud them for being so conscious.


I usually go to our local store in San Antonio but even when we branch out and go farther afield, the staff in this business are absolutely exceptional. Every time that I have gone into one of the stores there is always an employee on hand to help me with whatever they need, in our local store the manager Jake is an absolute star who has sorted a great many of the issues which we have run into, there haven’t been many I might add, but if there is I know that someone can help me to fix the problem.

I absolutely love this store, and so does my daughter, if you are taking your daughter shopping soon, or even your mum, make sure that you head to Bonworth first.