The Essential Airport Parking Services Customers Appreciate

The distance to the airport from a parking lot can make a huge difference. Travelers may be forced to choose parking areas closer to the airports, within a radius of approximately 5 km or overnight airport parking. However, for overnight airport parking ideas, it is not uncommon to find parking spaces within a radius of 10 km from the airfield, especially in the main airports such as PHL. It is completely normal and perfectly accepted by travelers.

What Passengers Want

Ultimately, customers will choose not just based on distance, but by making a general assessment of various elements, including:

  • Distance and type of connection to the airport;
  • Price, services included and excluded in the rate;
  • Reviews from other customers.

As you will see, the distance or proximity to the airport is not everything. There are many other factors that affect the quality of a paid parking lot, including the brand and what it communicates to the ideal audience.

How Does Paid parking at the Airport Work?

Customers arrive at the parking area, leave their car in custody, and then go to the terminal. Check-in operations must be fast and punctual, to minimize customer waiting times and not interfere with their itinerary. To make the service more efficient, many car parks work with reservations, and it is also highly recommended.

The customer’s vehicle remains parked for the entire period of the trip, and is obviously recovered upon return. Before departure, the condition of the vehicle is usually checked to ensure that no damage has occurred during the period of custody.

At this point, customers pay for the airport car park, based on the agreed price list displayed by the car park. In the case of a reservation made online, payment is made in advance by credit card or other digital payment methods.

You have to meet a series of requirements if you want to park at the airport. These are not binding requirements, but it is recommended that you try to meet the basic standard for your particular area.

The Essential Services

These are the essential services that customers are not willing to give up when it comes to paid airport parking:

  • Full hours, even better with availability 24 hours a day. But the most important thing is that they respect air traffic schedules, that is, departures and arrivals.
  • Sometimes, flexibility is appreciated, in the case of delayed or anticipated flights.
  • An easy connection to the airport, either on foot, by shuttle, or with other solutions.
  • Security: 24-hour video surveillance with CCTV systems, an insurance policy against theft, fire, vandalism, and a structure fenced with any type of security barrier.
  • A clear and transparent rate, which leaves no room for doubts and misunderstandings about standard prices, special prices, etc.


If you want to park at the airport while traveling, this could be your best option, since it is the most convenient for travelers. However, as mentioned, it is best to get information upfront so you can choose one of the best overnight airport parking ideas that suit your needs.