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People who are interested in betting games must have heard about multiples betting. It happens to be a great way to earn huge profits from small stakes. Betting multiples is common in football matches and horse racing events, but you can also bet multiples in other sport events. Simply put, multiple betting is just another name for an accumulator, starting at doubles and going upwards. Let’s briefly take a look at how multiples betting works and how to place one in a sporting event.

Understanding the Concept of Multiples Bet

The simple concept behind multiples betting is that the higher the risks, the greater the profits. For multiple betting, you have to pick a team or a horse – if you’re placing a multiples bet on horse racing – which you think will win in at least two consecutive matches or races. And for you to win the bet, that selected team or horse MUST win those two races or matches. The biggest risk in multiples betting is that if you betted for, say, twenty matches and the team lost even a single match out of those twenty, then you lost the bet, which means you lost all that you had put on stake. On the other hand, you can very well imagine how massive your profits will be if the team you betted on wins all the twenty matches.

The Advantages Involved in Multiples Betting

One great advantage of multiples betting is that it increases the odds on short-priced favourites in almost any market. You can combine the sporting events with one another on different days and increase the overall payouts of the placed bet. It’s almost needless to point out that the payouts are significantly higher than in the single bets. That’s when you win obviously. Moreover, some punters love to increase the stakes by linking various multiple bets together at the prevailing price.

The Risks Involved in Multiples Betting

In multiples betting if you win, you win really big, but if you lose, you lose it all. The more bets you keep on adding to your original bet, the riskier it gets. God forbid if you lose a single event, you lose the overall bet. When the punters get carried away from the prospect of winning a hefty amount, they keep on chaining bets after bets together. But as it turns out, it’s not possible to predict so many consecutive wins. No one can be that lucky. Moreover, you cannot claim the prize money if you win one out of the twenty matches you’ve betted on. You will have to wait for all the matches or races to end before you get the money.

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If truth be told, it’s not a bet if there’s no risk involved in it. Like all bets, there are risks in multiples betting too, but they’re only higher. Thus, in order to win big at it, a lot of preparation and planning is required on your end. So make sure you do that before betting multiples.