Nail Treatments to Manicure Your Image Handily Home or Professional Manicurist Options

Nails grow at a snail’s pace, 3.5mm per month. When nails are damaged due to accident or misuse they can hurt very badly. Waiting for an unsightly damaged nail to be repaired over 6 months is not necessary. There are methods to make nails grow faster, and acrylic nails to use as barriers to protect a regrowing nail.

Keep your nails healthy daily with appropriate nutrient-based intake. Omega-3s are mentioned so often, that it is incredible that people do not include quality fish in their diets. Your body is designed to extract what it needs from nature. We do not need to pummel our system with 3000% of any daily recommended dose of vitamins and nutrients. Maintain daily balance including protein, Iron, and Biotin. B7 prevents brittle nails and speeds up growth. You can find it in eggs, salmon, avocado, and leafy greens.

If you broke a nail today, and have an important meeting or interview tomorrow, you will need a temporary solution for appearance. Acrylic nails are nothing new and fit the job perfectly. Nail extensions, false nails, fake nails, and other names have been used to identify fingernail fashion accessories. 

With all the options available on the market a short acrylic nail course could be beneficial for your future knowledge and money saving. 

  • Acrylic nails are made out of glass synthesized from various polymers of malleable beads. They can last 3 weeks and can be touched up as needed. They are adhered to your finger. Diverse responses have been experienced due to eye, skin, nose, or mouth irritation during application.
  • Gel nails can be applied to lengthen existing nails. They last longer than nail polish, chip less, and have a similar life to acrylic.
  • A softer more flexible option to attach are nail tips. Removal is performed by soaking in acetone.
  • The dip powder method is when a nail is rushed with a sealant and dipped into a pigmented powder for its finish. Similar in life to Acrylic and nail tips in removal.
  • Nail wraps are made by layering fibreglass, materials, and resin onto the nail surface. Due to the installation process, these nails are more expensive and last only 1 week.

Use caution when adhering anything to your body. Infections, Irritation, and nailbed damage can occur. Being patient to allow your body to recover is the best method. False nails are not recommended in some industries due to increased cross-contamination in experiments, research, or food service which can lead to illness. 

There is a danger to salon workers and frequent nail customers of inhalation of caustic fumes used with acrylic nail application and removal. There is a significant increase in flammability risk with these chemicals as well. 

Humans have been adorning their hands and fingers for over 7000 years. The best method is natural growth and all people who grow naturally where the ones truly revered. The rest imitate.