The Ibrahim Jaffe Sufism retreat has been spoken about a great deal of late because of the many benefits which it offers guests, and it has also brought about a wider conversation about the benefit of taking a retreat. Very often these are based in religion but no matter what your beliefs are there is so much that you can get from taking some time out of the world and meditating in a natural space.

The truth is that tis is something which we should all look to do on an annual basis, not a vacation but a break from life where we cantata ourselves away and reflect on things. And here are the benefits which you will gain from it.

 Mental Wellbeing

Our mental wellbeing is of great importance and that is why it is so essential to hit the pause button and take yourself away from the stresses and the strains which we have in life. These stresses and strains will still be there when you get back of course, but the break will leave you with a stronger mind frame and a better ability to cope with any issues which may come your way.

Decision Making

A retreat is a wonderful way of making decisions about your life and in a sense it is about stepping out of your own life, and looking at it from afar, with absolutely no pressure on making a decision about what to do. This type of retreat is great for helping you evaluate where you are, understand the emotions that you feel around ambition or expectation, and in a sense there is  a reconnection which you make with your own mind and body, and this leaves you in a much better place to take decisions that will improve you and the life you live.


Because of the speed which life moves at we don’t often get a chance to process things which happen to us, we are not allowed the time to really get into the big events in life and that can leave feelings and emotions which are left unexplored, and that can add weight to the mind. Taking a retreat however does give you the time to explore those emotions and understand how to process what you have gone through.


Something which so many of us are guilty of is not staying in touch with Mother Earth and we often shut ourselves away in urban jungles and forget why we are here in the first place, we are a key part of nature. Reconnecting with nature is food for the soul and there is a genuine happiness which you get when you are surrounded by a wild environment. This also serves as a timely reminder about the things which we will fill our lives with, the things which we probably don’t need but think that we do.

Ultimately a retreat is a empowering and positive step to help you to recenter your body and your mind.