Nowadays, it is increasingly common for businesses to have open shifts, for which they do not have permanent members of staff. Instead, they recruit so-called gig workers. ShiftPixy is an app that makes this system much simpler. Essentially, it is a network on which both employers and shift workers, called Shifters, can get together and help each other out.

How Does ShiftPixy Work for Shifters?

Essentially, the app has been designed to enable shift workers to work in a favour and easier way. Naturally, it is very important that the app is fully compliant with regulatory demands. In this country, it is more difficult than ever to own a business period both operators and owners of suddenly exposed to new phone or abilities and this is something that ShiftPixy wants to address.

The app developers are highly experienced in compliance as well as in end-to-end process management. This means that they have been able to develop a system in which the regulatory challenges risk shifts away from the client. No other business at present is as experienced as this one in human capital management and the regulatory environment.

While the system is a wholly automated one, that does not mean it is purely software. Instead comma it is a turnkey solution in which human capital and automation come together. This means it offers an active engagement that fits within the daily needs of a business.

The gig economy is the modern way of working. No longer do people have a 40 hour a week 9 to 5 job that they stick to until they retire. Full-time employment is almost non-existing now even though businesses often operate on a 24/7 basis period in order for people to still be able to pay their bills and enjoy her life, they have had to rethink the way they work as well. What’s this new app has done is enable people to find a balance between there work and life in a way that fits around them. Members become part of the modern workforce in which the boss is no longer the boss of everything. This is because they are under no obligation to apply for any shifts or to complete any work that they do not want to do or that is not convenient to them. No longer should be talked about a top down or bottom up approach, it is a level playing field in which everybody is happy.

Naturally, there are also those who oppose this method of working. However, for them, other working patterns are available. The gig economy is not a way for employers to take advantage of workers. It is in fact a way for workers to take advantage of the fact that businesses are now open around the clock, meaning they can work when they want to instead of according to the schedule imposed by an employer.

The app is now fully functional and has already helped many people into work any many businesses have had their hard to fill or sudden shifts completed.