Can Accessibility Plugins Help--Useful Insights from accessiBe

Accessibility is something that most people take for granted. They don’t consider whether a website is accessible, like having descriptive ALT tags on images describing how they look for blind or partially sighted people. And that’s kind of the problem!

Due to this lack of understanding from a web developer’s perspective, the vast majority of websites are currently inaccessible by people with disabilities. There are also web standards for accessibility that the majority of sites fail to meet at present.

What are webmasters and site owners to do? Here are our thoughts.

Web Usability – Getting a Better Grasp on Requirements

Accessible websites aren’t incredibly difficult to create or redesign to adapt to this requirement. So, don’t let this scare you off if you’re faced with making the switch.

For instance, going through the existing website to add descriptive ALT tags doesn’t require a huge time investment even when there are quite a few images to update. It’s also a task that can be assigned to a junior developer; they only need to think creatively about how to describe an image to someone who cannot see it.

Other changes do benefit from prompting about what needs changing. Fortunately, there are accessibility plugins now to help with that.

How Do Accessibility Plugins Help?

An accessibility plugin like accessiBe lets visitors access a website supported by additional features. These include a screen reader, easier keyboard navigation options, and more. While visitors can be assisted in using a website, site owners can also get clarification around all the areas in need of improvement too.

See the World with New Eyes

Using an accessibility plugin is also useful for developers because they can live a little in the world of someone who’s blind, partially sighted, or has other disabilities that they may struggle with. Seeing how they view the web and where added accessibility features can markedly improve their user experience is extremely persuasive to make the necessary improvements.

Knowing where to make changes to fix accessibility issues is valuable. An accessibility plugin is an excellent way to begin to work towards that.