5 Ways a Rewards Program App Can Skyrocket Your Customer Loyalty

Using an app to reward loyal customers is an excellent way to establish stronger connections and keep them engaged with your brand. You can offer them discounts, bonus rewards, gift cards, and more to encourage repeated purchases.

For example, tiered programs can boost engagement by offering exclusive pricing to higher-tier members. Similarly, value-based loyalty programs can engage customers by connecting them with social issues they care about.

Reward Your Customers

Significant gains in customer loyalty are often the result of multiple small decisions. Creating a rewards program can help your customers make those little decisions individually.

To create a successful loyalty and rewards app, you must first identify your brand’s values and your target audience’s requirements and objectives. Then, develop a plan of action that fits your business.

To keep your loyalty app users engaged, provide them with a user experience that’s easy to navigate. It includes making it simple for them to access their digital loyalty wallet and track their purchases. It also means launching relevant notifications that remind them about new rewards they can receive and how close they are to earning a specific reward.

In addition, you should also consider rewarding non-purchasing actions such as watching product videos or engaging with your social media. These actions demonstrate that your company cares about its customers and will help you build a strong foundation for long-term customer loyalty. A good rewards program is about providing consistent value to your customers, which you can achieve with a mobile loyalty app.

Make It Easy

A well-designed loyalty program app can help customers quickly sign up for your rewards program without fuss. They can register with their platform ID (Apple ID for iOS apps and Google ID for Android apps) or by using their phone number, email address, or a unique login and password set by the business.

When the app is fully developed, customers can add any credit or loyalty card to their profile and see all the rewards earned through purchases and other actions. The app should also allow them to redeem rewards at any time, and any new rewards they earn should be reflected on their profile immediately.

Suppose you want to boost engagement with your loyalty app. In that case, you can use push notifications to notify customers of any new rewards, discounts, or special offers they might be interested in. Alternatively, you can retarget your existing app users via email. 

Make It Fun

Regardless of your industry, a rewards program app can make your business more fun for your customers. It’s a great way to show your customers that you care about them and want to build a lasting relationship with them.

Loyalty programs shouldn’t be about bribing your audience with discounts and freebies they don’t need. Instead, they should offer a personalized experience that encourages your cusshouldn’t keep coming back. The app also allows them to opt-in to receive promotional offers and other updates.

Your loyalty app must integrate with your point-of-sale system to automatically credit points and rewards to the customer’s account. It helps streamline the process and ensures all purchases are counted towards their reward goals. Additionally, gamification is a tremendous customer engagement.

Make It Convenient

If you can offer an app that allows your customers to order and pay from their phone without leaving the store, they’re much more likely to use it. And when you can also provide your customer with the convenience of loyalty rewards, that’s a win-win.

The key to designing a rewards program is to know your audience and what they want. You can collect valuable data on customer behavior through an incentivized survey or get insight from a loyalty software solution that offers analytics and reporting.

Once you’ve decided on the features of your app, it’s essential to design an easily navigable user interface and test it with focus groups and beta testers. And remember the importance of push notifications; they can help you drive engagement and retention. In addition, you’ll need to ensure your mobile product is indented with your point-of-sale system. It will allow customers to instantly track and redeem their rewards, regardless of their shopping channel. For example, a fashion retailer can keep track of their customers’ purchases through the mobile app and let them know that they’re close to getting a reward when they walk into the physical store.

Make It Personal

If customers use your loyalty app to boost customer retention, you need the experience to be more personal. A recent survey reported that 53% of consumers shop with businesses that provide extra value beyond their product or service. Extra value could be anything from a loyalty program to free product discounts or even a consistently good level of customer support.

Some brands also offer exclusive VIP events for their top customers to show appreciation for their business. Others may offer to donate accumulated points to charitable causes. Humans are often motivated by feelings of belonging to like-minded communities. It’s no wonder 47 percent of consumers say that rewards programs make them more loyal to a brand.

A loyalty reward app can significantly give your business an edge in the increasingly competitive marketplace. However, it would help if you took your time to release an app correctly aligned with your audience and marketing goals. It should be built on data-driven insights to help you create an experience satisfying your customers.