We have all enjoyed the cathartic display of tragic love. After all, nothing is better than focusing on the tragedy of others rather than your own. What is the allure of focusing on human tragedy? It cannot be to reassure ourselves that none of us are immune to tragic love stories. Is it perhaps to find the answer to avoid this onto ourselves? Whatever the reasons, there is no doubt that we all enjoy a tragic love story. So, buckle up, here comes our top five!  

At number five, Anna Karenina was published in 1878 by Leo Tolstoy. Anna is one protagonist who enjoys the prefect circumstances on paper. A wealthy husband and a lovely son. She engages in a very public affair with a charismatic count and as their relationship fades, she is heartbroken and finds herself a disgraced figure within society. Her ending is a tragic one, death on a Russian railroad. This is the story of a woman who risks all in her quest for true love. It is worth noting that despite all the heartache, she experiences happiness that provides an excellent read.  

At number four, we bring you Proulx’s story, Brokeback Mountain. It later won academies through a film. Two men, who work as ranch hands fall in love and engage in a relationship away from prying eyes. However, they must keep their love a secret from all as it would be frowned upon by society. They live away from each other, suffering in silence. The tragic ending comes in the form of one who dies alone while the other deals with his regrets.  

At number three, James Cameron brings us his film titled Titanic in 1997. Rose, a lady of the aristocracy meets Jack, a working-class lad aboard the Titanic. Beautiful and bold, Rose finds in Jack a reprieve from her life of discipline and control. With him, she can finally shirk responsibilities and be herself. Their plan to run away together never materialises as the ship collides with an iceberg. Jack dies in a heart-wrenching moment while Rose goes on to live her life without her greatest love.  

At number two, Romeo and Juliet brings you two young lovers who fall in love at first sight and marry in secret because of their families’ feuding. Through many adaptations, we watch as Juliet attempts to stay with Romeo by faking her death. However, all ends in tragedy as the pair die and leave us all crying.  This story’s influence can still be felt today, for example Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with A Kiss, a slot game based on the lovers you can try it at Magical Vegas Casino

And number one is…Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Cathy, our protagonist, cannot be with the love of her life, Heathcliff, due to her own pride and society’s view of their union. Whilst she marries another, he lives an embittered life and seeks revenge for his fate. Cathy dies tragically during childbirth and with renewed energy, Heathcliff aims his ire onto their families. It is a tragic read that will share a beautiful love story in the background.