Online Betting

About gambling

The practice of gambling is as old as the Paleolithic age. People have always found fun in wagering on the outcomes of events while making good money on this side. Over the centuries, gambling has evolved. While still maintaining its principal goal of making the right prediction and winning the wager, it has assumed many forms today. Sports, poker, award events, election results are simply a few of the things people wager on. The advent of technology has taken it to even newer heights.

Online gambling

Online gambling is a fairly new phenomenon which started in 1994. Before then, gamblers would have to go to a casino or any establishment that had game rooms and slot machines to cast their bets and take a chance at the table against other players or the house. Now, gaming sites are all over the web and with a click of a button, you can play right at home. Whether it is casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat, there is an online site designed to provide these services. While some countries restrict gambling and have banned online gambling altogether, most major nations like the United States, Canada, countries in the European Union and the Caribbean allow it and they are heavily regulated by governing bodies to ensure it is practiced within carefully and safely defined boundaries. 

Importance of bonus codes for online gaming

The increasing number of online gambling sites over the years has heightened competition and in a bid to remain relevant and continue to attract customers these platforms issue out bonus codes. Although they have a shelf life, they are made in such a way that they draw in people. Bonus code for ComeOn, a major online casino and betting platform, can be found on its website and other affiliate sites. The relevance of bonus codes to both the site and its users is quite significant for many reasons.

  1. It encourages people to play and attracts new players to create gaming accounts. Most online gamblers are easily drawn in by freebies and other perks that represent a chance to make much from little. Bonus codes are the perfect bait trap for marketing an online casino to new players. 
  2. Bonus codes are used to redeem specific prizes or gain access to certain perks at the casino. They are designed to have certain perks that usually can only be enjoyed by registered users and account holders of the site. Some of them are awarded on the creation of an account, others on reaching certain stages in the game. It could be longer playing time, playing chips or even tokens to be exchanged for something the player would prefer. Either way, it is a good way to gain new players.
  3. Bonus codes are also one of the perfect strategies to amplify an online gaming platform above its competitors. As earlier stated, the internet is rife with numerous gambling sites. One way to keep an establishment relevant is to offer bonuses to players old and new that are different and edgier than what the completion offers. This way, the players stay interested and the gaming platform maintains relevance, traffic and visibility.
  4. Reward tools for loyal players. Online gaming sites are not only interested in gaining new players but in keeping their old ones as well. Using bonus codes as a way of expressing gratitude for loyalty to their brand and for continued patronage is a good strategy that most sites use to get the message across. Players can often feel neglected when they stop enjoying perks that they can see new players benefitting from. Offering bonus codes is a way to affirm their relevance to the platform.


Online gaming sites are one of the most visited sites in the world and for good reason. Players get an opportunity to have fun while making money in tricky games of chance and numbers. Bonus codes make for a more exciting and rewarding gaming experience. They are a great way of getting free bonuses, longer playtime and even discounts and both players and the house benefit from these freebies.