What Are the Benefits of Gifting the Best Challenge Coins?

The different branches of the military have some of the deepest traditions you’ll find in any organization. 

Today, there are roughly 1.2 million active military people enrolled in a branch of the armed forces. Each branch has its own stories and customs that continue to live on. 

Challenge coins are among the most consistent traditions that you can participate in as you meet other military people in your travels. 

Here are some of the benefits of gifting people the best challenge coins available. 

Challenge Coins Have Deep Meaning

A challenge coin refers to a coin, medallion, or other tokens that people in the armed forces carry and give each other on different occasions. These coins hold unparalleled meaning and significance. 

The practice of carrying and gifting challenge coins dates back to the Roman Empire. The fact that today’s warrior still uses them adds layers of significance understood by people who have chosen this path as their way of life. 

Since then, the custom has continued to evolve and take on various meanings. People give challenge coins as a show of appreciation. People also give challenge coins out as a reward for a job well done. 

Participating in a tradition this meaningful solidifies your decision to join the ranks of the armed forces, and you will be glad that you make a career of it. 

There’s a Wide Variety to Collect

You’ll also appreciate that there are several different types of challenge coins that you can collect and gift. In addition to considering the different branches of the military, here are a few of the types of coins people collect:

  • Coins for different police department jurisdictions
  • Challenge coins for motorcycle clubs
  • Coins for organizations in different areas of science and engineering 
  • Challenge coins to commemorate team-based projects or creative pursuits
  • Coins given out for educational achievements and designations

Challenge coins are applicable and can hold value regardless of your career or area of interest. They can quickly become collector’s items once you learn the significance and find out how many there are available. 

Each Coin Tells a Story

Challenge coins also make the best gift ideas because each one tells a story. They come with different designs and insignias that explain their significance and the history of an organization. 

By gifting these coins, you’re passing this story on and continuing the tradition. You can even make custom badges that tell their own unique story. Custom challenge coins have a place whether you’re a military member carrying on a tradition, or part of a modern industry creating a new one. 

Several Reasons to Gift Challenge Coins

Once you start to learn challenge coin gifting etiquette, you will deepen your appreciation of them. They make memorable gifts because there are always some meaningful reasons for giving them out, including:

  • Celebrating a new promotion or level-up in rank
  • Giving coins between members of the same branch who have been initiated and given coins under the same circumstances – i.e., Navy SEALs who have completed Hell Week
  • Informal camaraderie reasons, such as military members producing their coins while out at a bar, and the last one to produce theirs having to buy the next round of drinks

The official and unofficial rules of challenge coins will vary by military branch and organization. Learning the ins and outs of your organization’s challenge coin rules will help you deepen your understanding and appreciation. 

Challenge Coins Are Artistic and Well-Made

The best coins are also made with craftsmanship and artistry. You will feel great about collecting and gifting these coins when they have some artistic merit and decorative and aesthetic quality. 

If you’re interested in purchasing custom coins, make sure to get them from a manufacturer that understands the history and significance of these coins, to know that they put the required level of detail into each piece that they make. 

They’re an Excellent Icebreaker

Challenge coins are also an awesome icebreaker. They give you a reason to approach and talk to someone that you otherwise might not have. 

This is also a camaraderie boost as it forces people out of their comfort zone while establishing and enforcing customs. When asked to produce challenge coins, it might start a conversation that leads to some significant networking or meeting a lifelong friend. 

These Coins Instill Pride and Unity

Finally, you’ll love these coins because they instill pride and unity in your organization. Whether you’re giving them as a fellow member of the armed forces or as part of a professional guild, company, or participant in a creative project, it’s all about people and relationships. 

You will take pride in your career or activity of choice as you build and strengthen bonds with the people with whom you share this in common. This is the type of morale and unity that is immeasurable, and that can figuratively move mountains in an organization. 

Giving the Gift of the Best Challenge Coins

These tips will help you when you’re looking into gifting the best challenge coins that you can find. Whether you’re a member of the armed forces or other organization that uses challenge coins, or an avid coin collector that is fascinated by them, they’re a unique novelty worth every bit of your attention. 

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