A lot of organization have found ways to bring their costs down without compromising on quality. You can do the same and it is actually surprisingly easy to do this. All you need is to make sure that you find a way to tap into the creativity of your people as a collective. Essentially, you need to use crowdsourced software for generating innovation and thereby gain hundreds of ideas that allow you to bring your costs down.

How to Use Crowdsource Software for Generating Innovation

The majority of organizations do not want to blow off any members of staff. They know that even the mention of such a possibility will create a culture of fear and those who are not cut often have a sensation of survival guilt. This leads to them becoming counterproductive and inefficient. Thankfully, by deploying crowdsource software, you could avoid layoffs altogether.

Unfortunately, most managers still take a perspective of seeing only what is right in front of them, and that is that cutting stuff means instantly cutting costs as well. They believe that finding lots of small ways to cut the same costs is simply too much work period yet comma by using crowdsourced software, they can instantly generate ideas for all those small ideas and thereby make it actionable as well.

Three Ingredients for Success

In order to be successful by using crowdsourced software for generating innovation, three ingredients are required. Those are:

  1.  Transparency. It is vital that everybody has a clear understanding of the department of budget and where the money goes. Once they know this, they will have the opportunity to see where inefficiencies lie, casting a new look on things and seeing what management may have missed.
  2.  Willingness to not just listen but also to take action. If you tell your employees that you value what they say, you must demonstrate this by listening to what they say and by actioning on their suggestions where appropriate. It is vital that each employee sees where the idea went, even if it wasn’t implemented.
  3.  Taking a strategic and structured approach. There has to be a specific and targeted process for idea generation. Your employees must fully understand it so that they can focus on what needs doing. Do not ask something broad questions such as how improvements can be made, choose instead to ask something specific such as how costs can be cut by 15%.

If you properly implement these three ingredients, what you will essentially have is the foundation for the so-called IPM, or Innovation Process Management, approach. This approach has been demonstrated time and again to be very simple and structured and, when partnered with proper crowdsourcing software, two really tap into the almost limitless creativity of your workforce. Be prepared for some fantastic actionable and highly powerful ideas designed to make your workplace better. Best of all, this may just be your key to not having to lay anyone off, while still increasing your profitability.