Top Tips for Surviving Allergy Season in Florida

Allergies are rampant in the United States, with over 25 percent of adults suffering from seasonal allergies in a given year. Florida is a state that is notorious for its allergies due to the high levels of pollen in the air. Allergy season in Florida sounds daunting, but there are several things you can do to overcome the itchy eyes and scratchy throat.

You don’t have to let the year’s most beautiful season keep you inside when you know how to prepare and cope with Florida weather and allergic reactions. The proper tips will help you stay healthy and happy as the weather changes.

Luckily for your health, you’ve found the perfect guide to helping you live and thrive during allergy season in Florida. Continue reading to prioritize your health and wellness today!

Use Allergy Medicine

The best way to prevent allergic reactions when the weather changes is by taking preventative measures, which begin with allergy medicine. Antihistamines are an effective option to combat allergies when you feel a reaction beginning. Most of these medicines make a difference in your symptoms within an hour.

You must read the medicine’s packaging before consuming it. Most antihistamines cause drowsiness, making driving and handling your daily tasks difficult and dangerous.

Prepare Your Home

The Florida weather is notorious for causing allergic reactions, but you can combat your allergies by preparing your home when you feel the weather changing. It’s best to shut all your windows to prevent pollen from entering your home. Stick to your air conditioner to keep inside temperatures comfortable.

Fans and windows are effective during ideal circumstances, but they’ll pull outside air into your home and bring the pollen. It’s also wise to check your HVAC filter before running it. A new filter will catch pollen and other pollutants before sending that refreshing air into your home.

Allergies are worse in Florida because they survive for longer in humid conditions. Consider purchasing or installing a dehumidifier in your home to limit the damage. A humidifier will help you prevent dry and itchy eyes.

Prepare Yourself

Preparing your home is crucial, but you should also prepare your body and mind for allergy season in Florida. In addition to purchasing allergy medicine, buy a hot eye compress to take the strain off your eyes. You’ll feel refreshed after a session with an eye compress.

Wearing sunglasses when you spend time outside will also mitigate the damage of your allergic reactions. It’s an excellent fashion statement that will keep pollen and other pollutants out of your eyes while away from home. Your sunglasses will also take the strain off your eyes since allergic reactions tend to cause eye pain.

Additional measures worth trying are doing laundry more frequently and leaving shoes and umbrellas at the entrance to your home. You’ll prevent tracking pollen into your home when arriving after work or having fun with friends.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods offers several benefits that improve your quality and length of life. Healthy foods are also essential to provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients to fight allergic reactions. Focus your diet on fresh vegetables and fruits to prevent itchy eyes and headaches.

Nuts are another fantastic addition to your diet, assuming you’re not allergic. People who eat a diet consisting of fresh food items are more resistant to allergic reactions in the Florida weather. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is a step toward surviving allergy season in Florida with a smile.

Purchase a Rinse Kit

A rinse kit is an essential piece of equipment to help you survive allergy season. A common side effect of allergies is congestion; having the necessary equipment to clear your nasal cavity will save you time and suffering.

Choosing not to use a rinse kit will allow the bacteria in your nose and throat to thrive. They’ll collect with other particles from the air and make it difficult to breathe during the day and sleep at night.

Your rinse kit removes that bacteria from your nose to help you breathe and recover from your allergic reactions. Flush one nostril and then the other over your sink to avoid making a mess.

Enjoy Hot Beverages

Hot beverages are another solution to your allergic reactions during allergy season in Florida. These beverages help by thinning the mucus in your nasal cavity. It’s an excellent way to enjoy relief so you can breathe again.

Consider trying a Hot Toddy to help clear your system after an allergic reaction. The steam makes clearing the mucus an easy and quick process. You’ll be a step closer to overcoming your allergies and enjoying the Florida weather with friends and family.

Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask is one of the most effective solutions to avoid allergic reactions when the weather changes in the Sunshine State. The N95 mask became famous amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s also helpful to prevent pollen and other pollutants from entering your system outdoors.

The N95 blocks up to 95 percent of particles in the air. You can find affordable options at most pharmacies and convenience stores.

Check the Weather

You can avoid spending excessive time outdoors when allergy season in Florida arrives by checking the weather when waking up each morning. Avoid going outside during hot and windy days since pollen spreads most easily.

Focus your time outdoors after 10 AM to avoid excessive levels of pollen. Summer rains will also cause allergic reactions when the weather changes in Florida, so you must prepare beforehand.

Start Prepping for Allergy Season in Florida

Allergy season in Florida is daunting, with pollen counts rising to astronomical levels, but there are steps you can take to manage your allergic reactions and get the most from each day. Invest in allergy medicine, a rinse kit, and an eye compress to manage itchy and dry eyes.

Check the weather and shut your windows to prevent pollen from entering your home. Avoid going outside during the morning, and consider wearing an N95 mask to prevent allergic reactions.

Your health is priceless, and it takes work to maintain it. Read more of our Health and Fitness blog content to take the proper measures for your body and mind today!