The Outdoorsman’s Bucket List: 7 Hunting Trips You Won’t Want to Miss

Did you know that there are more than 15 million hunters in the United States of America? One of the most amazing experiences that you can have in life is going on guided hunting trips deep into the wilderness. You’ll get to see remote and wild areas that are filled with stunning wildlife all around you and you’ll get to live like a pioneer.

These hunting trips could happen almost anywhere in the world and bring you close to some large and dangerous animals. Elk hunting trips and Alaska hunting trips are among some of the best hunting experiences out there.

If you’ve ever wanted to go on a big game hunting trip then you owe it to yourself to look at hunting trip packages. There are tons of affordable hunting trips out there for you to enjoy. Luckily, you’re in the right place to learn more about the best hunting trips in 2022.

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1. Elk Hunting in Montana

Taking guided elk hunting trips is something that only a few people get to experience in their lifetimes. You can’t get a much more authentic experience of what life was like in the Old West than by going out into the backcountry on horseback and a canvas tent. These hunting trips feature a lifestyle that will take you back more than one hundred years.

There are tons of outfitters and states that offer elk hunting trips for you to enjoy, but Montana might offer the most pristine landscapes. If you have the right gear and horses of your own then there is no reason why you can’t do this on your own. 

2. Mountain Moose Hunting in Alaska

The most popular option when it comes to Alaska hunting trips is hunting for mountain moose. You won’t find a better spot on the globe for hunting mountain moose than the mountains of Alaska when the bull mooses attempt to get above the treeline to escape from the bugs.

These massive creatures will grow antlers that reach up to six feet in width and bodies that weigh more than 1,000 pounds. The best approach is to find a master guide to help you on these Alaskan hunting trips. They should have all of the gear that you need for a safe and successful hunt. Make sure you visit this site to check out all of your hunting firearm options.

3. Osceola Turkey in Florida

If you enjoy turkey hunting then you need to make it down to Florida to hunt Osceola turkey at least once in your life. You’re in for a real challenge when you take on the task of hunting turkey, and this is true for all five turkey variants that call North America home.

You need to head into this hunt with the mindset of going more for the history of the place and the experience of hunting in an unusual habitat. You’ll be traversing swampland and glades that are filled with palmetto trees, live oaks, and Spanish moss. Oh, don’t forget the alligators that call this ecosystem their home as well!

4. Muskox in Nunavut, Canada

The muskox is one of the most interesting species of mammal that you can hunt on this planet, so if you get a chance to hunt for them in Nunavut then you need to jump on it. It sounds crazy, but their closest relative is the wild sheep, which seems impossible given the size of the average muskox.

The Inuit people have flourished hunting these massive mammals on the frozen tundra of Canada. You’ll need to go on this hunt with a registered guide if you’re going to try your hand at taking down full-grown muskox. This guide will most likely take you to a plywood cabin or a tent camp that is equipped with wood stoves for the proper level of heat.

It isn’t a huge tactical challenge, but you can proudly say that you’ve taken muskox to all of your hunting buddies. It’s an amazing experience that you should never pass up.

5. Dall Sheep in Alaska

Hunting for Dall sheep will take you deep into the isolated wilderness of Alaska and test your mettle as an outdoors person. You’ll need to fly into the wilderness to experience this hunt along the 700-mile Brooks Range of the Rocky Mountains. The slopes of these mountains lack trees which makes them perfect for the Dall sheep to call them home.

You’ll need to backpack around the area after getting off of the helicopter and you’ll need to get nonresident tags in order to legally hunt these sheep and the wait could be up to two years. The wait is worth it for this opportunity.

6. Quail in Arizona

It might be difficult to find quail in the Southeastern part of the United States, but they’re thriving in the Southwestern part of the country. There are three different species of quail that you can hunt in Arizona on the same hunting trip, which is a great experience for the seasoned quail hunter.

The best part is the access to public land where you can hunt for these coveted birds. Just watch out for the various species of cacti!

7. Plains Pronghorn in Wyoming

Hunting for the Plains Pronghorn is a different kind of challenge than all of the others listed in this article. These creatures are the second-fastest land mammals on Earth, making killing one quite the challenge. It will also thrust you back in time to the days of the Oregon Trail’s prime and allow you to experience life as a 19th-century settler.

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