Background music for Spas

The right music can help clients enjoy their experience before, during, and after treatment. The best wellness music should be calming and relaxing and help promote well-being.

This genre is light and airy with a mellow rhythm; it’s great for your lobby or outdoor locations at any time of day.


As your customers enjoy their treatments, calming music will help them to feel more relaxed and at ease. It is important as they are often experiencing discomfort and pain during some of their spa experiences (think body hair removal, for example). This soothing music helps reduce the perception of that pain while bringing blood pressure down, promoting relaxation.

The music played in spas usually includes sounds of nature, classical instruments, and other world instruments that create a peaceful and ambient environment. The beats per minute and instrumentation of these songs are shallow and slow, which helps to calm the mind and relax the body. Some more relaxing songs even have a hypnotic effect on people, which is perfect for a spa setting.

Many companies provide background music for spas, including Spotify’s business product, which offers a library of existing playlists that can be searched by mood. However, it is recommended to use a platform that specifically provides background music for salons and spas that has been researched and curated to enhance the client experience. 


If you have ever been to a spa, they played relaxing music during your visit. Calming music, also known as relaxation or meditation, helps lower blood pressure, relax muscles and mind, and induces a feeling of well-being in your body and spirit. It can also help ease the pain of some treatments, like removing your hair or a manicure.

Calming music in a spa setting is a great way to make your clients feel welcomed and cared for. It also signals to them that this is a place of refuge from the stresses of their everyday lives. If you are in a spa that is part of a hotel, using curated spa music for relaxation can help you create a seamless experience for your guests.

One of the most common types of curated spa music is nature sounds. The soothing sound of waterfalls, streams, rain, and waves creates a peaceful, calming atmosphere that can help ease your clients’ worries. These sounds can also trigger the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers.

It is important to note that while calming spa music has various benefits, you must be careful about the music you choose for your business. For example, listening to a techno playlist will not relax your customers but may energize them and cause more stress. When choosing curated spa music, it is important to consider the overall theme of your business and any relevant cultural or historical references. For instance, a hotel with an Asian theme might want to use traditional Asian flutes and string music for their spas.


The refreshing nature of certain music, like birds chirping, water rushing, and leaves rustling, can remind your customers of the beautiful world that we live in. These sounds, paired with a soothing soundtrack, can help your spa patrons to release their tension and relax during their treatments.

Whether you have a simple spa menu or offer multiple therapies, your music must match the vibe of each treatment. Choosing the right music is more than background noise; it can influence the entire customer experience. With a business streaming service subscription, you can access playlists created specifically for salons and spas with researched and tested music to support specific moods.

This deep relaxation music is a perfect way to calm and prepare your spa guests from the moment they enter your establishment. Adding a soothing musical continuity from the quiet treatment room into the busier reception area will help customers to extend their feelings of wellness and euphoria throughout their stay. This consistency of feeling keeps customers returning for more of the treatment they love. Providing your customers with the ultimate musical selection to match their needs differentiates you from other spas.


Music with a strong rhythm can create a sense of movement, making it an excellent choice for your salon’s lobby or outdoor locations during the day. It’s also a good choice for any upbeat activity, such as exercise or yoga. This genre blends jazz with a touch of hip-hop and funk, creating a smooth and jazzy atmosphere that’s uplifting but not jarring.

If your spa is in a mixed-use building or you have multiple facilities, use music to distinguish yourself from other businesses in the area. Playing a custom soundtrack of curated, meditative songs sets the mood in your spa, so it’s uniquely yours and helps to elevate your brand to distinction.

The right music for your spa can work in tandem with your physical treatments to help heal your patrons at a deep level. Hertz frequency soundscapes can boost a person’s sense of calm and well-being, helping them feel more at ease with their body and mind. Like crackling fires, other sounds can evoke warmth, free-spiritedness, and a connection with nature. This type of ambiance-building music can greatly complement your massage therapy, meditation, and reiki services.