If your business has decided that it is time to hire a public relations agency to help achieve its goals then over the coming months you are in for a tough process in finding which is the best company for you. We went through this last year and eventually decided to do business with the excellent team at Interdependence public relations. It took us a while to finally make the decision but the way that the last year has gone has clearly showed us that we made the right call. There are certain things which you should come to expect from a PR agency, and these are the minimum requirements.


The whole idea of public relations is that you are looking to hire a team who can deliver results better than you can in-house. One aspect of this is creativity and it is something which you should most certainly expect from a PR firm. Interdependence have a reputation for being difficult to get a job for, and this is because their standards, especially around creativity are so high. You don’t want an agency which uses the same tried and trusted methods that they always have, you want a team which is constantly looking to think outside the box and find new ways to package and deliver your message.


When meeting with a PR firm you may not know whether or not they are going to deliver results for you, but you will certainly be able to gain an understanding to see just how committed they are to delivering those results. At our meeting with Interdependence their team were so passionate and so full of energy that we just knew we were talking to a team of people who would hustle and do whatever it took to deliver. This is the type of team that you need to find for your business.


When meeting with a PR firm they should already be spilling over with ideas for how they can help your business to achieve its goals. Whether these ideas are something that you are going to go for is not important, the key is that they already have ideas about how they can help your business and that bodes very well for the future.

Speaking Your Language

Remember that every business and industry is completely different and when you hire a PR firm you need to make sure that they understand your particular industry and that they know how to deliver a message which will wrk within that sector. You can’t treat a tech company in the same way as you do a construction company, both marketplaces are very different, and your public relations firm should know that and they should also know how best to speak to you and your marketplace. If they are able to do this, then you are going to be in for a great time with them.

You have to ensure that whichever PR firm you choose, that they are able to deliver on these requirements.