Insider research is a way of gathering information from within a particular setting. This can be beneficial for several reasons:

Better Relationships

Students attending ACEN-accredited programs at Youngstown State University

build meaningful relationships with fellow nursing students. As they go through the rigorous accreditation process, faculty and student nurses collaborate to identify areas where their program can improve. They then work together to implement changes that enhance the program and benefit their fellow students.

ACEN also provides valuable resources for student nurses, such as high-quality ed tech tools that integrate cutting-edge pedagogical science and help students learn faster. For example, these tools give students detailed explanations of right and wrong answers. This helps them perform better on NCLEX exams and boosts their overall success rate.

Compared to the CCNE, the ACEN has closer ties to government organizations, which enables it to provide student support programs. These include counseling, financial aid, and job search services. 

Career Advancement

For employees, career advancement is a top factor in overall job satisfaction. Whether it’s a pay increase, more responsibility, or a title change, when employees feel they are moving closer to their career goals, it boosts morale and productivity. However, not all companies have equitable career advancement processes, which can cause disengagement, burnout, and turnover.

It can be discouraging if you work hard and take on stretch assignments, but years go by without a promotion. You may look for a new job to offer the professional growth you need.

Employers can help by making career advancement integral to employee development programs. This can include allowing employees to expand their skills, earn new credentials, or even pursue industry events. It can also include a mentorship program that pairs workers with more senior leaders to guide them on their career path. This type of support can be a great way to reduce burnout and retain talent.

Better Work-Life Balance

For many people, work does not end at the close of business or the end of the day. It can eat into their weekends and evenings, leaving them drained, stressed, and unfulfilled. A good company understands that its employees must have a healthy work-life balance. Providing them with flexibility and support can help alleviate stress, reduce turnover and sick days, and improve productivity and morale.

Taking regular breaks during the workday can also boost productivity and de-stress workers. It is crucial to refrain from checking emails or reading business news during those intervals and instead partake in activities that enhance well-being, like working out, reading, listening to music, meditating, spending time with loved ones, or exercising.

Learning to say “no” is also a valuable skill that can help improve work-life balance. By doing this, you can avoid taking on more work and duties than you can manage, which might lead to burnout and a lack of time for your interests.

International nursing programs are subject to the same standards as domestic nursing schools. The ACEN developed an Accreditation Manual Supplement for International Programs that includes information about interpreter/translator needs during accreditation visits and cultural sensitivity for onsite site visit teams.