Face Lift Advice

Having a major procedure done can sometimes get you feeling very anxious and completely overwhelmed, this is understandable due to the complexity of the procedures that I carried out. Before making the big decision of who and where you go for your major procedure you will need to consider many factors and do research about clinics and surgeons in your area. To ensure that you receive the Best Face Lift Procedure then the first thing you need to do is to look for a highly qualified and a fully skilled and able surgeon to carry out that procedure.

A face lift is a cosmetic procedure that is performed so as to lift up and pull back the skin on the face to make it tighter and smoother. The procedure can reduce fatty or sagging skin around the lower half of the face and including the neck. Having a face lift procedure is something that will require a lot of thought and is not something that should be rushed into. The best way that you can be sure about moving forward with having the face lift procedure is by choosing your surgeon wisely and then having lots of discussions through consultations about how to go about starting and having face lift surgery.

A face lift procedure is commonly carried out under general anesthetic although at times it may be performed using a local anesthetic and sedation. There are actually many different kinds a face lift procedures that are available but during the most common type of face lift procedure a surgeon will generally make incisions above the hairline at the temples that extend down in front of your ear, underneath your earlobe and behind the ear. They will also make cuts under the chin if the draw line is being lifted, any surplus of facial skin will be removed and the remaining skin will be pulled backwards and upwards before it is then stitched into its new position.

Next, a surgeon would usually redistribute facial fat and tissue or maybe even add this to the face I’m finally they would bandage the face as this will help to reduce and minimize bruising and swelling. The length of a face lift procedure is usually around two to three hours and often requires an overnight stay so the surgeon can keep an eye on you immediately after the surgery.

A face lift procedure can take around two to four weeks to make a full recovery, bruising is usually visible for around two weeks although it could take up to around six months to be able to enjoy the full extent of the face lift procedure. When you have received your face lift procedure you will no doubt appreciate the difficulty and intricate surgery that was involved and this is when you will appreciate finding and using the best surgeon available for carrying out the best possible face lift procedure. You can be sure that you will not be disappointed by the results of your procedure.