We all have some kind of success that we are aiming for and in order for us to find that success, it is vital that we understand how we can go about getting it. I spoke with a good friend of mine on this subject, Edgar Gonzalez Santa Ana-based business man and a guy who has found great levels of success in his life. Before I get on to the advice that Edgar offered, I wanted to share a quick anecdote with you. We met in a restaurant and half-way through the deal the waiter came to the table and asked my friend for an autograph, which he obliged. I asked about this afterwards and Edgar told me that on a monthly basis almost, he is confused with the ex-baseball professional for the San Diego Padres of the same name, who played second baseman, Edgar tells me it is easier to sign an autograph that have an awkward conversation.

Edgar may not be an ex-pro baseball player, but he is a great man to give advice, and here is what he says is the best way to find success.

Understanding it

Edgar tells me that the first step to your success is to actually understand what success means to you. Many people piggyback an idea of others around success, and think that it means having a respectable job, lots of money or even fame. This is fine if those are your ideas of success, but you must think about what it really means to you.

Mapping it Out

In order to give yourself the belief that you can achieve the success that you are looking for, it makes sense to map out the pathway to success. Try to do this in a reverse engineering manner, whereby you look at the success first, and what it looks like, and then you work backwards to see how you were able to achieve it, what pitfalls there were along the way, and any other challenges which may present themselves. In mapping it out like this, you can give yourself a clear structure for how the overall process looks.

Staying Committed

Ultimately the key to success is that you stay committed and focused on what it is that you are trying to achieve. If you are able to gain this strong level of focus, you will have the strength and the desire to overcome any obstacle on your way to success. To keep yourself motivated you could use visual aids around the home or the office, key images or quotes which will serve as a reminder for you when you are facing tough days. Surrounding yourself with what success looks like is a surefire way to stay on track, stay dedicated and to keep striving for your goals.

Success is tough but if you stay passionate and work hard, there is no reason it can not come to you.