5 Stunning Restroom Design Ideas and Trends to Watch

Do you want to enhance your restroom design to attract more customers?

People have different atmospheres when they visit a place. Appealing to customer service can create a reliable relationship with your customers, increasing customer loyalty.

Are you curious about the trending restroom design?

Keep reading to learn about stunning restroom design ideas and trends to watch.

1. Wall Coverings

Wall coverings can be an effective way to make a restroom stand out. Whether a home or business property, metallic-finish wall tiles are a popular choice. These provide an upscale feel while also making a statement.

Vibrant graphic murals and wallpaper also make a bold impression, while geometric shapes and color blocking add sparkle and interest. Meanwhile, textured tiles and coverings can create a relaxing atmosphere.

2. Going Green

Incorporating sustainable materials and energy-efficient products is essential to creating a sustainable space.

LED lighting, natural ventilation, and energy-efficient electronic devices will all help to reduce energy usage and keep energy bills low. Plant-based materials are also a great way to bring a bit of nature into the bathroom while maintaining eco-friendly credentials.

Reclaimed wood, cork, and even recycled porcelain are excellent materials for countertops and walls that are aesthetically pleasing and gentle on the planet. Eco-friendly practices such as towel reuse and water conservation can also be implemented for a completely green bathroom.

3. Wood Floors and Fixtures

The combination of wood floors and fixtures together in a restroom adds a luxurious yet modern vibe. The wood flooring adds serenity, warmth, and comfort to the space.

Topped off with light-colored fixtures, the space will have an elegant and classic feel. Light fixtures and mirrors hung strategically over the sink and shower can add a classic and contemporary look.

Neutral wall and flooring color options will allow the wood floor and fixtures to be the focus of the space. The combination of the two materials lends itself to stunning restroom designs.

4. Restroom Partitions

Restroom partitions are different from other fixtures since they create a space that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

The look of partitions has evolved to include higher-end materials such as solid surface, aluminum, and stainless steel, as well as custom printing. These partitions can also be designed to fit the space.

Innovative locker and cubicle solutions are also available to create a stunning and practical restroom design. Partitions also provide privacy and a sense of safety and security. 

5. Color Blocking

Color blocking can be a great design tool for creating a stunning restroom. Using bold colors and shapes to contrast one another can offer a modern, luxurious look.

Chrome bar-style vanities in white, coupled with a rainbow of subway tile walls, will create a visually striking yet cohesive space. You can also work with softer hues to create an inviting atmosphere.

A warm gray or taupe wall color combined with tan and beige furniture can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. To further enhance the look, opt for brightly colored towels, bath mats, and tumblers for a playful contrast.

Popular Restroom Design Ideas

The trend toward more beautiful bathrooms is unstoppable. With these stunning restroom design ideas, you’re sure to find a style that fits your taste.

Whether it’s bright and bold, minimalistic, or blends with nature, allure your guests with your unique taste. Start transforming your space today!

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