A career with a high salary is something most people strive for. Whether you are fresh out of education or you’re 20 years into a career, it’s never a bad time to consider a career change that would be great for your mental health and your wallet. If you’re searching for a lucrative role that matches your skillset, then have a look at these 10 high-paying careers in business. 

1: Financial Advisor 

Financial advisors earn an average of £35,000 per year in the UK, with many earning over £60,000. Usually, those with more experience are the ones who charge a higher price for their services. 

The role is predominantly about providing financial advice to clients concerning investment decisions, taxes, and financial goals. For example, if a client is aiming to save for a house or to send their kid to university, the financial advisor will help them figure out how to reach that goal. The advice is tailored to each client, with the answers for a business being different to individuals. 

To become a financial advisor, you should preferably have a bachelor’s in finance alongside work experience. Those who tend to do well are those who are great at mathematics, communication, and have strong analytical skills. 

2: Analytics Manager 

If you find yourself working towards becoming an analytics manager, you can expect to earn an average of £40,000 to £50,000 per year, which is significantly more than the UK average salary. 

The role itself warrants a lot of knowledge and education, with a bachelor’s and a masters in business analytics helping you become a successful analytics manager. Once attained, the job includes collecting, understanding and analyzing data with the intention of using it to improve an organization. For example, a marketing analytics manager’s goals are to see which marketing campaigns have been the most effective, so the company can select those that bring in the most customers. 

3: Accountant

Accountants specialize in dealing with the financial records of their clients. They can be self-employed, work for one company, or work for an accounting firm. The average salary of an accountant in the UK is around £35,000, with the most experienced earning much higher than that. 

To become an accountant, you should hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting, but it’s not strictly necessary; you can also get your foot in the door gaining experience as a bookkeeper or finding an accounting apprenticeship. If you are accurate, have strong mathematical skills, and you pay great attention to detail, a career in accounting could be right for you. 

4: HR Manager 

Earning an average of £30,000 to £40,000 per year, HR managers lead the HR department of a company. This includes dealing with: 

  • Hiring
  • Company policies
  • Onboarding
  • Benefits
  • Sick leave 
  • Training

To become an HR manager, you should first attain a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject and gain a sufficient amount of experience in HR. Ideal traits include integrity, empathy, and excellent leadership skills

5: Construction Director 

Construction directors earn a lot more than the UK average salary, with many taking home upwards of £80,000 per year. This lucrative role comes with many responsibilities, however, including overseeing a construction project, managing construction staff, and dealing with clients. 

Usually, construction directors are expected to have a bachelor’s degree and a substantial background in construction. They also need to be strong communicators, have the ability to work well as a team, and have excellent organizational skills. 

6: Sales Manager 

Sales managers are responsible for running the sales team of a company, ensuring that they are consistently hitting targets and even reaching above – it’s all about getting as many sales as possible. Not only that, but they are also responsible for finding new and innovative ways to increase sales, and they will then pass that knowledge onto the sales team. 

The average salary of a sales manager is £30,000 to £40,000 per year, and to successfully enter the career, you must be a people person, have excellent communication skills, and shine in a leadership role. You don’t need formal education, but extensive experience in sales is usually needed. 

7: Software Developer 

Software developers create, test, and implement software for clients’ businesses. If you have skills in coding, design, and programming, then it could be the role for you. It pays an average of £30,000, with those with higher skills earning more. 

8: Senior Manager 

A senior manager is one of the highest roles in an organization, bringing in an average of £75,000 per year. It involves managing other leaders to improve the business overall. 

To become a senior manager, you need a good education including a bachelor’s, with many in the role also having a master’s degree. You must also have excelled in managing, have experience and strong recommendations. It’s not a role you can walk straight into, but once attained, the pay is lucrative.

9: Stockbroker

A stockbroker’s responsibility is extremely important, with their task being to help their clients make wise investments in stocks. They must be in-the-know about stocks, ensuring that their clients don’t lose out on money unnecessarily. 

Stockbrokers must have a large amount of knowledge in the subject to be successful, and a bachelor’s degree usually gets them on their way. If you are interested in this role, then you can expect to take home an average of £40,000 per year. 

10: Entrepreneur 

One of the most potentially lucrative careers is becoming an entrepreneur. While it is not for everyone, if you have passion, determination, and an idea, you might have what it takes to make a lot of money working for yourself. 

The wealthiest people in the world, such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, are entrepreneurs. To follow in their footsteps and become a success, you must have an original idea, some start-up money, and a decent amount of business knowledge. Timing and luck also play a huge part in whether or not the business will take off. While the pay can’t be determined, becoming an entrepreneur offers the chance of earning more than all the highest paid salaries combined.