Who Buys Minibuses and Why?

In the world of transportation minibuses play a key role in assisting with mass transport. Increasingly businesses are using them to offer a more environmentally friendly method of transport when compared to the car. In 2022 the risks posed by global warming and climate change are starting to become evident around the world that is directly linked to human activity. As a result, a wide range of organizations now have their own in-house forms of transport such as minibuses that can convey larger numbers of people in one journey instead of several journeys in many cars. This can dramatically reduce the amount of CO2 emissions released in a journey and therefore reduces an organizations carbon footprint. This article explores three types of organization that buy minibuses to assist with the day-to-day functioning of their business as well as being a way to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Taxi firms

Nearly all medium and large sized taxi firms will have a selection of minibuses in their overall fleet of vehicles. The simple fact is that a standard taxicab can hold approximately five or six people depending on the make and model. This is often fine for conveying individuals or smaller groups of people but is not ideal in some circumstances. For example, a group of holiday makers may need to travel to their nearest airport via taxi in order to start their summer vacation. Inevitably they will have a range of large luggage items which together with the passengers themselves would struggle to fit into a conventional taxi. To be able to provide suitable transport in such circumstances many taxi operators will look to buy a minibus to add to their fleet, thus ensuring that safe and efficient transport can be provided to the group. 

Patient transport services

Many healthcare systems need access to a fleet of minibuses in order to transport patients to and from hospital and clinic appointments. In England the national health service undertakes 11-12 million planned patient journeys each year that are for routine appointments and not under emergency driving conditions. A key part of this service is having access to suitably equipped minibuses that can transport elderly and unwell patients safely and efficiently to their appointments. Many of these vehicles are modified to be able to carry wheelchair patients. This is often done by adding in motorized ramps at the rear or side of the vehicle along with suitable anchor points to safely harness the patient during the journey. 

Local tour operators  

Many local tour operators will purchase a range of minibuses to take paying customers to a range of events and occasions. Popular activities by tour operators like conduct day trips to regional attractions such as art galleries and museums or some of the best Niagara Falls tours, involve transporting clients to see famous music artists, comedy shows or to conduct day trips to regional attractions such as art galleries and museums. For groups of up to seventeen people a standard sized minibus is the perfect transport solution. Such vehicles have added features like air conditioning and exceptionally comfortable seating that allow the customer to travel long distances in a comfortable and relaxing environment.