Underground Cellar Reveals How to Choose the Best Wine on a Low Budget

The pricing of wine is not an exact science and it’s one of the areas where price doesn’t always tell the full story. While you will rarely find a very expensive bottle of wine that is horrible, there are plenty of affordable bottles out there that even the strictest of critics will appreciate. The trick is knowing what makes a wine good in the first place. Knowing a few insider tips doesn’t hurt either. Let’s take a look at what the experts at Underground Cellar had to say on how to choose the best wine on a low budget.

Look for Obscure Grapes

The reputation of a certain type of grape is everything when it comes to how much a bottle of wine will cost. But there are plenty of lesser-known grapes out there that will give the best pinot noir a run for its money. Try something like a Nero d’Avola or an Albarino and you might be surprised. They haven’t been hit with the celebrity tax yet, so enjoy them now before the secret is out.

Go for Different Regions

Along the same vein, you should try different regions too. You might find a $10 bottle of Napa wine, but it’s not likely to be very good since the average bottle will be way over the $20 mark. Go for something from Paso Robles, on the other hand, and you might be looking at a very decent bottle.

Don’t be afraid to travel a bit. If you are looking for a serviceable and affordable bottle of French red wine, you’d have a better chance of finding your match in the Languedoc than in the Bordeaux region, for instance.

Think Twice About Buying from the “Last Call” Bin

Yes, there are cases where you might find a rare gem in a clearance bin but, more often than not, a bottle ends up there because the store had trouble selling it. So, if no one was passionate enough about it to buy it, don’t expect to fall head over heels for it either.

These are just a few tips that will allow you to find the best budget bottle of wine. All it takes is a little understanding of wine pricing psychology and not being afraid of trying something different.