Why You Should Have a Lawyer In Your in Your Address Book

Most of us will know a plumber or an electrician who we may be able to contact with a moment’s notice but what about a lawyer, do you have one in your address book? Most people won’t and the reason being is that most of us never really think that we are going to need one. I felt like this last year before an incident occurred in my life which called for me to find the team at Kersh law firm, if only I’d had them in my address book sooner I could’ve saved myself a lot of trouble. If you don’t think that you will ever need a lawyer, here is why you may be wrong.

Driving Under The Influence

Many people think that they are too smart to drive under the influence but the majority of people who actually get caught aren’t those who get behind the wheel after a session, but those who are driving the morning after drinking. Many people don’t quite understand how long it takes for alcohol to leave their system which is why many people are actually still over the limit the morning after. The first point here is to be extra careful when driving the next day, the second is to remember that it can happen to you.


Divorce rates in the USA are currently hovering around 50% which means that one in every two marriages is going to end up in divorce. Whilst this is a very sad statistic it is important to remember that it does happen and it often happens to people who never thought that it would happen. A divorce can be messy and traumatizing which is why you will need to have a good lawyer on board to help you out.

Work Disputes

Employment law covers a wide range of issues and whilst you may think that you are happy in your job and have a good relationship with your employer, it only takes one issue for all of that to change. Contract breaches, bullying in the workplace, wrongful dismissal or an accident at work are just some of the issues which could see you need a lawyer in a case against your employer. Naturally we hope this doesn’t happen but when it does, you are going to need a strong lawyer on your side.

Land Disputes

We are seeing more and more land disputes take place between neighbors and the whole affair can get pretty nasty. This could be something as simple as a tree leaning into your neighbor’s garden or a housing extension which they complain about, or which you are not happy with. In such proceedings this will go to court and you may find yourself in need of a lawyer pretty quickly. Neighbors come and go which is why even if you have a good relationship with your neighbor now, there is nothing to say that it will stay that way.