When I was 25 one of my best friends Jared Seyl went off to travel the world, something that I had been dreaming about since I was a child and something which he too had always dreamed of doing. As much as I was happy for Jared I was really envious of what he was doing and sadly I just wasn’t in a position to do the same. I was made redundant at the age of 35 and part of me fancied going after that dream, but I felt as though I’d missed the boat and that now I was too old. I spoke to Jared about this and he was furious that I could think that I could ever be too old to travel. I took Jared’s advice and went off into the world, and I have had the most amazing 4 years. If you ever think that you are too old to travel, here are some things to remember.

Who Set The Rules?

First off, who says that you are too old to travel? The young bloggers who think that the world is their own? Society? In the main the person who is saying that you are too old to travel is you, and your inner voice. We do this because we think of what people might say should we make a certain decision but the truth is that nobody will tell you that you are too old, and if they do it is because they are jealous.

Different Types of Travel

Going off traveling isn’t just about the idea of partying all over the world, having mad experiences and living on the breadline. That is an exciting way to travel if you are young of course, but going out to see the world is about so much more than this, and as you age you learn to appreciate what you see around you.

Keeps You Young

Traveling has been scientifically proven to be good for your health and to keep you young, so why wouldn’t you want to jump on that opportunity? Learning new things, meeting new people and enjoying new experiences will keep you sharp and much younger.

Are You That Old?

If you are 40 and thinking you are too old, just think about what 60 year olds are thinking, they are probably regretting that they felt they were too old all those years ago, and the truth is that even at 60 you are not too old. Forget the number, get out there and travel.

More Affordable

Most people are much more financially stable when they are older which is why now is the perfect time to travel. You don’t have to worry about where the next check is coming from or how you can get from A to B, which means that you can really experience everything that is out there.

Don’t listen to anyone, if you want to travel then just do it, no matter how old you are.