How To Clean Crystals

In recent years, there’s been a surge of people interested in crystals for their claims. Among the crystal uses, most have them for healing or improving mood and well-being.

If you received gems from a friend or bought yourself a few, you should know it’s essential to keep them clean. They say a cleaner crystal gives off more positive power than a dirty one. The dirtier the crystal, the more misaligned its energies get.

If you want to learn how to clean crystals, you’ve come to the right place! Check out this article for a brief guide.

Running Water

Many claim water can neutralize the stone’s power. It does so by bringing back the negative energy to the earth.

This method only requires a water source, like a faucet. Completely submerge your crystal in the water for a minute, then pat it dry.

Sea Salt

A sea salt and water mixture is like the water method, but you can use sea salt alone on non-brittle stones. If your crystal has ridges or holes, skip this method to avoid damage.

Soak your stone in the mixture for a few hours to a few days, depending on how dirty. Dry it well.

Brown Rice

The brown rice method absorbs negative energy in a contained space. All you have to do is fill a bowl with uncooked brown rice. Bury your crystal in the rice.

Leave it for about 24 hours before taking them out. Dispose of the rice immediately after cleaning your crystals.

Sun and Moon Light

An older way of cleansing crystals is by exposing them to the sun or moonlight. This method will help your stone recharge its energy.

A good time to bathe it in light is around 11 in the morning. That way, it absorbs light from the sun and moon together.

Others also recommend letting it have direct contact with the earth or ground. You can wipe off or rinse debris after.

Other Stones

You can clean crystals using other stones that offer cleansing properties. To do this, stack them on top of the crystal that needs cleaning or place them in one bag or container.

Some stones give other benefits like love, wealth, and more. Check out some of the lucky crystals here.


Smudging is an ancient way of purification done by dousing objects or spaces in smoke. These work on crystals by placing them above the smoke plumes.

A bonus with this method is getting your space cleansed with your stones!


Visualizing is powerful enough to help you with cleaning crystals. It’s also the safest method since you won’t need other tools.

Ground yourself and center your energy for a few minutes. Hold the stone when you’re ready and visualize yourself surrounding it with light. Think of the negativity flushing out and your crystal shining brighter.

Try These Methods on How to Clean Crystals!

Crystal care includes knowing how to clean crystals and recharge their positive energy. Check out our blog for more info on bringing positive energy to your life.