An Inside Look into The Most Popular Sex Toys

Whether you’re a singleton wanting to explore your personal pleasure or you’re a couple who are wanting to spice things up in the bedroom, a sex toy is an incredible addition to your life. They come in a whole range of styles with a host of different functions that put your pleasure first. If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of sex toys out there and are not sure to begin, we’ve pulled together the most popular sex toys for sale to give you an inside look.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are incredibly popular sex toys due to their double stimulation. The shaft is inserted into the vagina for intense vaginal stimulation whilst the rabbit ears sit externally and stimulate your clitoris. The toy was popularised when it was shown in the tv show Sex and the City where Samantha was bed bound for days when she discovered the delights of the rabbit vibe. This incredible vibrator comes in a range of colours, styles, materials and with a host of functions to give you the most satisfaction. Some come with rotating or pulsing bases and some may come with a wider clitoral stimulator fin rather than rabbit ears. 

Remote Control Eggs

Remote control eggs are the ultimate teasing toy when used with your partner. They sit inside your vagina and stimulate your sensitive vaginal walls, your g-spot and the whole clitoral system to increase your arousal and sexual anticipation. These are a popular couple’s sex toy for those who enjoy some public play as the secret pleasure that you’re experiencing out of the house turns you both on. Remote control eggs feel very comfortable when sitting inside and won’t fall out meaning you’re free to move about. And one you hand your partner the remote, you’re in for an exciting and thrilling date night.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Another popular sex toy among couples is the vibrating cock ring. The ring is tight at the base of the man’s penis to stop the blood from travelling back down the penis. This allows him to stay harder for longer whilst also allowing a more powerful orgasm. When wearing a vibrating cock ring during sex with a woman, the vibrator that is attached (usually rabbit ears or some sort of stimulating property) directly stimulated the clitoris which can help to reach orgasm and improve sensations during penetrative sex. A great all-round toy which is great for couples who want to explore adding sex toys into their relationship.

Masturbation Sleeves

A masturbation sleeve is the most popular male sex toy ever. It looks just like a flashlight until you remove the cap and are faced with an incredibly attractive and realistic looking vagina, anus or mouth. These male masturbation sleeves are simple, yet effective. They have textured and tight inserts that you stick your penis into with a lot of lube and it feels just like (or even better than) the real thing. They’re usually modelled after popular porn star’s genitals and are made with super soft material that feels similar to real skin.