What Are the Benefits of Hot Desking?

Hot desking is a popular concept that changes how the traditional office operates. Rather than having their own desks, employees simply pick a free desk, plug in, and get to work. This more autonomous approach to the office means that staff are free to move as they please, and no desk ever goes to waste. Here are some of the biggest benefits of implementing hot desking in the workplace.

More efficient

Hot desking solves the problem of redundant desks, saves money, and generally makes the office more efficient. In a traditional office, an employee uses their desk and then goes home, leaving an empty and unused space behind. The hot desking solution circumvents this problem and ensures that no desk is ever wasted. That, in turn, allows businesses to scale down their office spaces, becoming more economically efficient too.

This is especially important now that remote working plays such a large role in the business world. Businesses are increasingly embracing remote work via a hybrid model that allows employees to spend some time working from home and some time in the office. This model is ill-suited to the traditional office space (where it results in wasted desks), so many businesses turn to hot desking as a solution.

Improved performance

Hot desking boosts performance in a number of ways. Employees can sit together in groups to work on large projects, and the flexible nature of the hot desk office ensures that seating arrangements are adjusted on an ad hoc basis. There are other, less tangible benefits too. Hot desking fosters a tidier and more organized office space, which is one of the main reasons that businesses turn to office solutions like those offered at thebrew.co.uk.

Traditional offices accrue waste because employees see desks as their own personal spaces rather than something communal. Since they’re the only ones using the desk, they don’t feel inclined to tidy it or keep everything organized. No such problems exist in the hot desk office. The communal nature of every desk encourages employees to be clean, organized, and tidy. This has wider ramifications for productivity, making the office a more generally well-run place. 

Better communication

Offices that employ a hot desk approach facilitate better communication and all-around sharing of information. Hot desk offices are simply more dynamic than their traditional counterparts, where employees spend their time rooted to a single desk, secluded in their area of the office space. They might rarely move around, meaning that they don’t meet as many other employees, miss out on conversations, and don’t foster relationships. This situation also makes intellectual exchange more difficult. 

Hot desking encourages employees to move and means that they can’t remain at the same desk every day. This ensures that they meet new people, have conversations that they otherwise wouldn’t, and, more generally, form relationships throughout the office rather than just in their “area.” Better communication makes it easier to share ideas, problem solve and disseminate information. Improved communication and collaboration can transform a business, and that starts in the office space.