When you want to book a trip but don’t want the hassle of making separate reservations for all of your diverse accommodations, finding the best vacation packages are your best bet. But how do you find the best vacation packages for your trip? Although reviews indicate that this service offers a wide variety of exceptional features, is it the best option for all-inclusive deals? The following article discusses, and sees how it stacks up against other travel booking sites.

I’m like most travelers; when I plan a trip, I want everything to be easy. This is why vacation packages are typically my go-to travel planning resource regardless of whether I’m going on an actual vacation or business trip. While the ubiquity of travel planning sites has helped budget-conscious travelers access competitive rates and significant cost savings, not all travel sites are created equal.

My ideal travel site is one that allows me to book all relevant accommodations on a single platform – no routing me to different web properties. I also want easy navigation, fantastic rates, and a variety of services. Here are my top five travel sites that give me the services I’m looking for, and – in some cases – a little bit extra.

5. Travelocity

You can’t get much bigger than Travelocity, and with good reason. It consistently provides a huge selection of excellent travel packages, and offers an easy-to-use app that allows you to access its services quickly and efficiently.

4. Airfarewatchdog

Sometimes you have plenty of time to plan your next trip; sometimes you have to leave town at a moment’s notice. If you enjoy the kind of lifestyle where you find yourself having to schedule a trip with little warning and with an almost immediate departure date, Airfarewatchdog should be your go-to resource. This website continually searches for last-minute deals for airfare, so if you have to book a same-day flight, you might find a fantastic rate with a smaller airline. This service notifies you whenever their team finds a fantastic deal for a flight from your specified airport.

3. Kayak

Kayak is a familiar web resource for veteran travelers, but once-yearly vacationers might not be aware of its multitude of services and airfare tracking option. Kayak may not offer the personal touch of a service like Airfarewatchdog (it uses a human team to find deals), it is nonetheless a consistent, all-in-one service. It’s also quite good at predicting when airfare prices will fall, and while it’s not exactly a crystal ball, it’s pretty helpful to have an idea when prices are likely to be at their lowest before committing to a date.

2. Google Flights.

Hey – Google already has most of your personal information, so why not let it find you the best vacation packages for your budget, goals, and lifestyle?

1. is my favorite vacation package resource for the simple reason that it offers genuine concierge service. You’re not going to find all-inclusive vacation packages here – they don’t offer flight reservations, only accommodations – but its team of Travel Advisors act as your personal travel agents. No matter where you go in the world, your Travel Advisor is on hand 24 hours per day offering guidance for everything from finding a great and affordable restaurant to managing cultural differences abroad. Every user who books a hotel through becomes eligible for their RCLUB benefits, which give you access to Travel Advisors and other sweet deals.

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